Saturday, June 30, 2018

In which Annie gives us those puns

A report on the Margao June monthly by Sahil Ramchandani

It was the last Sunday of June. The weather was pleasant with little to no rain. A perfect day for quizzing (is there any that isn’t?). The quiz began at the official SEQC time of 5pm sharp, which in IST translates to anywhere between 5.15pm and 5.30pm.

It being the football season and all, there were plenty of football questions thrown in by Annie, who was the QM of the day. The ball got rolling with the first round which was a ten question written round on the nicknames of footballers. The questions were tailored in such a manner that any football-dunce could still manage to hit the net. Peppered with puns, the answers could be worked out even without any prior football knowledge.

Then came the bounce and pounce. Being the kind-hearted soul that he is, Annie kept a negative of only 5 points for a wrong answer on the pounce. This led to a volley of pounces from most of the teams. It was not without its demerits though as it led to quite a few precipitated pounces from many teams which, keeping to the theme, can be said to have scored an own goal.

The third round was a Connect round. Annie had benignly pointed out earlier during the quiz that the theme of the day would be nicknames and football. Predictably, the theme of the Connect round was related to nicknames. As it turns out, only Nitish had his eyes on the ball, and his team got the theme before anyone else, after the second question.

Then, there was a break and snacks were served. Had Enid Blyton been writing this, she would have vividly described how scrumptious the snacks were, using as many adjectives as she possibly could. But, fortunately or unfortunately, she is not. So, the fact that there were samosas and tea for everyone should suffice.

After the half-time, the teams kicked off with the fourth round. It was based on the identification of countries playing in the World Cup from the doodles that have been running on Google lately. Our team fared miserably in that round. Rajiv later pointed out that had he seen the score of the football matches during the break, we would have gotten a couple of answers more. Adding the bonus to that would have given us a full 15 points, which was the exact margin that we eventually ended up runners-up by.

The next two rounds were Bounce + Pounce and Connect again. Another volley of questions with most being answered and some going through. Eventually, Team 3 which comprised of Nitish, Anjali and a few others won the quiz quite comfortably. Team 2, Rajiv, Ashwini, Shreya and I, lived up to its name and was the runner-up. All in all, it was an extremely enjoyable and light-hearted quiz that I was glad to be a part of. The puns, of course, were a welcome bonus.

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mayur shett said...

Welcome change to the monotonous quiz notices, content and result posts. I hope Sahil continuous with the above kind of posts, especially for the margao quizzes.