Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Margao Monthly - 29/Oct/2017 - Results

QM: Rahul Kakodkar

1st: Team 3 - Anjali SenGupta, Ira Prem, Sahil Ramchandani, Sanjay Parab, Srijit Kumar - 300 points

2nd: Team 1 - Annie Sen Gupta, Chantal D'Costa, Terrence D'Costa, Vilas Pavithran - 290 points

3rd: Team 2 - Abhijeet Virginkar, Anish Dhaimodkar, Aproop Prabhudessai, Nathan Moniz, Rajiv D'Silva - 245 points

4th: Team 4 - Elvino Barreto, Gouthami, Harsh Hegde, Ira Almeida, Paul Gatward - 200 points

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Margao October Quiz

Date: Sunday, October 29th, 2017
Time: 5.00 pm
Venue: Urban Health Centre, opp. Hospicio, Margao
QM: Rahul Kakodkar
Flavour: General
Participation: Open to all.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Quiz Pro Pros episode 1 - content

QM: Annie Sen Gupta

Quiz Pro Pros episode 1 - results

QM: Annie Sen Gupta

1st: Four-year Transform (Team Engineering: C.N. Prabhakar, Gaurav Haloi, Harsh Hegde, Lucky Kaul, Nishat Belwadi, Rahul Kakodkar, Rohan Mehrotra, Roshan Dattatri, Sahil Ramchandani, ) - 105 points

2nd: Quacks of All Trades (Team Medicine: Ashwin Mascarenhas, Chandrashekhar Rao, Mark Monteiro, Mohnish Sardessai, Pallavi Dhakne, Zibane Paes) and Miscellaneous Medley (Team Misc: Akash Kulkarni, Amey Parsekar, Gouthami, Kanchan Gatward, Mahesh Prabhu, Sanjay Parab, Shailaja Sardessai, Suraj Kamat) - 100

4th: The Concrete Junglies (Team Buildings: Anant Sridhar Prabhu, Mayur Shett, Rajiv D'Silva, Srijit Kumar, Sunil Sardessai) and W.G. Disgrace (Team IT: Aaron Araujo, Akshat Shah, Chinmay Agarwal, Devadas Krishnan, J. Krishnamurthi, Nathan Moniz, Siddharth K.V., Tejan Karmali) - 90

6th: Damn You, Autocorrect! (Team Media & Comms: Anish Dhaimodkar, Anjali Sen Gupta, Anuradha Goyal, Madhura Chakraborty, Shaunak Sardessai) - 65

Competition standings
1st: Four-year Transform (Team Engineering) - 100 %ile
2nd: Quacks of All Trades (Team Medicine) and Miscellaneous Medley (Team Misc) - 95.24
4th: The Concrete Junglies (Team Buildings) and W.G. Disgrace (Team IT) - 85.71
6th: Damn You, Autocorrect! (Team Media & Comms) - 61.90

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Quiz Pro Pros episode 1

Date: Sunday, October 15th, 2017
Time: 5.00 pm
Venue: International Centre Goa, Dona Paula
QM: Annie Sen Gupta
Flavour: General
Participation: Open to all. First part of a three-part competition, with teams composed based on participants' work areas.

Quiz Pro Pros -- teams and competition format

The Quiz Pro Pros competition will be held on three Sundays over October-December -- October 15, November 19 and December 17.

Six teams have been created based on the current or most recent occupations of the 40-odd registrants, as follows:

1. Engineering: Rahul Kakodkar (captain), C.N. Prabhakar, Harsh Hegde, Lucky Kaul, and Sahil Ramchandani

2. IT: J Krishnamurthi (captain), Aaron Araujo, Devadas Krishnan, Nathan Moniz, Tanmay Pereira Naik, and Tejan Karmali

3. Buildings: Rajiv D'Silva, (captain, Architect), Anant Sridhar Prabhu (Construction), Mayur Shett (Construction), Srijit Kumar (Real Estate), and Sunil Sardessai (Architect)

4. Medicine: Chandrashekhar Rao (captain), Anurag Dalal, Aproop Prabhu Dessai, Ashwin Mascarenhas, Leander Paes, Mohnish Sardessai, Pallavi Dhakne, and Zibane Paes

5. Media & Communications: Anjali Sen Gupta (captain, Communications Consultant), Anuradha Goyal (Writer), Arvind Sivakumaran (Filmmaker), Madhura Chakraborty (Editor / Writer), Pamela D'Mello (Journalist), and Vidyadhar Gadgil (Editor / Journalist)

6. Misc: Gouthami (captain, NGO Sector), Akash Kulkarni (Education), Delson Roche (Merchant Marine), George Varghese (Farmer), Kanchan Gatward (Banking), Mahesh Prabhu (Logistics), Paul Gatward (Football Official), Pranab Mukhopadhyay (Education), Sanjay Parab (Retailer), Suraj Kamat (Football Official), and Susheela (Farmer)

There is a bit of an overlap between Engineering and IT, as there are a whole lot of Engineering students doing Computer Science who have registered -- I have divided them between the two teams for evenness.

The competition format has been left flexible, so that non-registered participants who land up can join in relevant teams as per their work areas. The absence of limits on the number of people in a team also makes it possible for people to miss episodes along the way without disrupting the team structures.

For the overall competition, points will be calculated on a percentile basis. For each quiz, the top team will be awarded 100 points, and the other teams a percentile score equal to their percentage of the top team's winning quiz score. The final rankings will be determined by the total of the teams' percentile scores across all three episodes.

The BiG Q 2017 - Scores


Chandrashekhar Rao Panjim Open
The BiG Q
Harsh Hegde Margao Open
Margao winner
Vidyadhar Gadgil Panjim Open
Panjim winner
Rahul Kakodkar Margao Open

Devadas Krishnan Panjim Open

Gouthami Panjim Open

Madhura Chakraborty Panjim Open

Sanjiv Prabhudesai Margao Open

Parind Phadte Panjim Open

Sahil Ramchandani Margao Open

Mayur Shett Panjim Open

Arvind Sivakumaran Panjim Open

Paul Gatward Panjim Open

Sunil Sardessai Panjim Open

Tanmay Naik Panjim Open

Anjali Sen Gupta Panjim Open

Terrence D’Costa Margao Open

Ira Almeida Margao Open

Manas Hadkar Panjim School
School winner - Panjim
Neeta Rana Panjim Open

Chantal D’Costa Margao School
School winner - Margao
Siddharth Subramanium Panjim School

M. M. Subramanium Panjim Open

Nikhilesh Rana Panjim School

C. N. Prabhakar Panjim Open

Additionally, a few people took the quiz non-competitively:
1. Aniruddha Sengupta (Goa) - 109
2. J. Krishnamurthi (Hyderabad) - 95
3. J. K. Lakshmi (Hyderabad) - 78

And here are the questions and answers of the quiz.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Quiz Pro Pros: a new series

Every year, SEQC runs a multi-part competition with teams composed in different ways. In the past, we've had, among other things, teams based on people's places of residence (In The Zone, 2013) or birth years (Decade-nce, 2016). This year, it's going to revolve around your professional choices.

Announcing Quiz Pro Pros, our series competition for 2017. For teams made up of doctors, or architects, or engineers, or management professionals, etc. The competition will be held between October and December, with the first episode to be held on Sunday, October 15.

To begin with, what is required is that all those interested in participating send in a pre-registration mail specifying your work area. You are free to describe it any way you like, but please clearly indicate what industry you work in, and a basic job function. For example, civil engineer in the construction industry; or marketing professional in the automotive business. Many of us have been different things through the course of our lives; your self-description can be from any part of your career.

College students can specify the stream that you are studying in; school students, just send your name and, if you like, what you would be interested in becoming.

Send this mail to seqcgoa@gmail.com before midnight on Tuesday, October 10. I will then compile all registrants and announce teams. 

Monday, October 2, 2017

Panjim October monthly - results

QM: Chandrashekhar Rao

1st: Anjali Sen Gupta, Annie Sen Gupta, Chinmay Naik, Savitri Rao, Tanmay Pereira Naik - 314 points

2nd: Arvind Sivakumaran, Ashwin Naik, Chaitanya Naik, C.N. Prabhakar, Paul Gatward - 298

3rd: Jeet Pendam, Madhura Chakraborty, Mohnish Sardessai, Sadhika Buddhaseth, Shounak Sardessai, Sunil Sardessai - 259

4th: Dharma Rane, Mahesh Prabhu, Rajiv D'Silva, Shreyash Kerkar, Sidhiya Kerkar - 245

5th: Devadas Krishnan, Parind Phadte, Sahil Ramchandani, Suhas Kerkar - 222

6th: Anant Sridhar Prabhu, Bijon Shaha, Kaivalya Karkare, Kanchan Gatward, Srijit Kumar - 210