Monday, July 30, 2012

SEQC August Quiz

Date: 5th August 2012
Time: 5.00 pm
QM: Ajachi Chakrabarti
Flavour: General
Venue: Zuari Hall, The International Centre Goa, Dona Paula
Participation: Open to all, entry free

Update: Many of us missed Viola Rodrigues' quiz in Margao on Saturday, so she will be running it for us again at 3 pm, before Ajachi's quiz.

GMA BizQuiz 2012

Organized by: Goa Management Association
Date: 4th August 2012
Time: 2.30 pm
QM: Rajiv D'Silva
Flavour: Business
Venue: Goa State Museum Auditorium, Patto, Panaji.
Prizes: 25k, 15k and 10k for the top three places. Lots of audience prizes as well.
Participation: Open to all, in teams of two. Entry free. To register your team, email gmagoa[at] Also running currently are a series of quizzes on Twitter in the lead-up to the event. To participate, follow [at]rajivdsilva or search for the hashtag #GMAbiztwiz.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

SEQC Road Trip 2012 -- a report in pix

The Road Trip was a blast. Some 40-45 of us, including a cacophony of kids (my own coinage, but could work), set off bright and early on the morning of Sunday, July 22. Made good time, had a satisfying breakfast at Paroda, and arrived at our first stop -- the foot of Chandreshwar hill. Here, on the concrete cover of a pipeline (I'm guessing), we did our first two rounds of quizzing. Nitish Wagle and Sadhika Buddaseth did the interrogation. Rajiv had, in a fit of efficiency, worked out the teams in advance, and that allowed us to start off quickly.

The six teams for the day.

Two people missing from the photo above -- roving cameraperson Tallulah D'Silva and our first QM, Nitish Wagle.

Sadika Buddaseth asking a visual question, and being challenged by Rajiv D'Silva on a business logo.

Our next stop was the Bubdbudanche Tollem at the Gopinath Temple. Some people got wet in the pond, some stayed out of the rain, and yet others went exploring in the temple. A millipede made an appearance.
The final destination was the Tanishker Farm in Netravali. Had a great lunch, followed by a full afternoon of quizzing. Some found other ways to entertain themselves. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

SEQCm July

This weekend will witness the debut of a young quizmaster who has impressed much with her quizzing ability, and will now endeavour to do the same with her quiz-setting. Many of us will drive miles and miles in pouring rain, miss our Saturday siestas, leave behind our loved ones, forget about hospitalized aunts, and risk being run over as we cross the road in front of the Urban Health Centre, all to be able to tell our grandchildren - "We were there when Viola did her first quiz."
But no pressure, Viola :-).

Date: 28th July 2012
Time: 5.00 pm
QM: Viola Rodrigues
Flavour: General
Venue: Urban Health Centre, opp Hospicio Hospital, Margao
Participation: Open to all, entry free

Thursday, July 19, 2012

My India Quiz

Organized by: Entertainment Society of Goa
Date: 28th July 2012
Time: 10:00 am
Venue: Maquinez Palace, Panjim
QM: Rajiv D'Silva
Flavour: India
Prizes: Rs. 3000, Rs. 2000, and Rs. 1000 for the top 3 teams.
Participation: Open to higher secondary schools, a team to consist of two students and one teacher. Pre-registration is essential. For registration and other details, call 2428111.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Rotary Club Panaji Olympics Quiz

Organized by: Rotary Club Panaji and Goa Olympic Association
Date: 25th July 2012
Time: 9:30 am
Venue: Lecture Theatre, Central Library, Patto - Panjim
QM: Rajiv D'Silva
Flavour: Olympics
Participation: Open to higher secondary schools in the Panjim area. For registration and other details, call Nester Sequeira on 9822132485.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

SEQC Road Trip

We did it a couple of years ago, and it is back again by popular demand. This Sunday, a busload of us will head into Goa's monsoon-drenched hinterland to prove that one can survive in the wild armed with little more than a fistful of questions. Well, almost.

Date: 22nd July 2012.
Destination: Tanshikar Spice Farms, Netravali.
Route: Panjim-Margao-Quepem-Tilamol-Zambaulim-Rivona-Netravali and back. We will stop along the way at all places of interest - and quiz there.
Pickup points: In Panjim, at the Mary Immaculate Church steps at 7.30 am. In Margao, at Mabai Hotel at 8:45 am.
Cost: Rs. 350/per head. This is inclusive of transport, lunch & tea. Children of the age of 10 and below will be charged at half that rate, children of 5 and below are free.
QMs: We need about 10 QMs to set 12 questions each. We will not have projection equipment at our disposal, so questions will have to be of the simple text variety, but it is up to the QMs if they want to use laptops/tablets/books/props or other visual aids. Those wanting to set questions please mail rajivdsilva[at]
Registration: Please mail the above address to confirm your participation, mentioning how many seats and of what ages (in case there are children of 10 and below). Also mention your food preference, whether veg or non-veg. We can only accommodate 35 people, so seats will be allotted on a first come first serve basis. Call 9890141715 for any other clarifications.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

SEQC July - Results and Content

QM: Rajiv D'Silva

1st: Akshay Rege, Aniruddha Sen Gupta, Eeshan Vernekar, Nisha Oli, Sapna K.C., Veenu Vas, Victor Fernandes, Vijay Oli - 230
2nd: Agastya Keni, Ananya Mukherjee, Jatan Rodrigues, Nitish Wagle, Sadhika Buddaseth, Shaila De Souza, Shakuntala Buddaseth, Shubham Tiwari, Vikram Fernandes - 150
3rd: Arati Fernandes, Harshvardhan Bhatkuly, Lara Menezes, Mohnish Sardessai, Shaswat Salgaonkar, Sunil Sardessai - 130
4th: Gulnar Joshi, Mahesh Prabhu, Paola Mambro, Sirish Nimmagadda, Tanmay Naik, Yash Latkar, Zeyn Jaswal - 115
5th: Allan Valles, Anil Rodrigues, Ashwin Mascarenhas, Astrid Vas, Gaurish Naik, Sachin Chatte, Shrijana K.C., Soham Gaunekar, Tallulah D'Silva - 95
6th: Anjali Sen Gupta, Jyotsna Fernandes, Kunal Naik, Mallika Mohan, Nitish Fatarpekar, Padmanabh Sathe, Rohan Saxena, Saloni Sardessai, S. Varun Kumar, Valmiki Naik, Vikram D'Silva - 90

The next Panjim quiz will be held on the 5th of August, to be hosted by Ajachi Chakrabarti.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Quiz@NoMoZo 3.0

Date: 15th July 2012
Time: 10 am
Venue: In front of Keni Hotel, 18th June Road
QMs: Amit Shet, Harshvardhan Bhatkuly, Paola Mambro, Sirish Nimmagadda
Flavour: General
Participation: Open

For those who come in late...

We have, for some reason that we are unable to fathom, been receiving a large number of requests from people asking to 'share' the ppts we upload here on Google Docs. Now these ppts are fully readable and downloadable, so sorry people, we love you, but this is all the sharing you're going to get.