About SEQC

The Sunday Evening Quiz Club (SEQC, pronounced ‘sexy’) began as an informal gathering of some 15-odd quizzers and quiz enthusiasts in June 2008. Since then, it has grown rapidly in both size and reputation. Today, its membership runs close to 150, and the regular monthly quizzes (held on the first Sunday of every month) see the participation of anywhere from 40 to 60 quizzers. There is now even a Margao chapter of SEQC.

Not to worry: First of all, let’s put your mind at ease. When people hear about SEQC, we’ve found, they are often worried about participating. If you have similar feelings, we would suggest you put your apprehensions aside. Our main aim at SEQC is for everyone to have fun. Most of the people in the club are not hard-core quizzers – they come to enjoy themselves, and perhaps take away a little learning in the bargain.

We pride ourselves on our democratic, open structure. There are no hierarchies and everyone in the club has equal rights (and, of course, equal responsibilities). This is even true of those attending their first-ever SEQC event. Our only real requests of members are that they behave in a civil manner and don’t try to cheat in any way.

Quizzes: The primary SEQC quiz is the ‘monthly’ held on the first Sunday of each month. These are general in nature, set by Quizmasters from within the group, who volunteer to take on the next month’s quiz. The level of difficulty and the particular leanings on any quiz are entirely in the hands of the QM for the month. Then, of course, there is the Margao monthly, which is held on the last Saturday or  Sunday of each month.

In addition to the monthlies, SEQC organises at least one other quiz every month. A calendar for the year is posted on this blog (the SEQC year runs from June 1 to May 31, since our first quiz was held in June).

Most of our quizzes are open to all, and entry is free. The bulk of the Panjim quizzes are held at the International Centre Goa in Dona Paula, and the Margao quizzes at the Urban Health Centre opposite the Hospicio. Variations in these venues are marked on posts related to quizzes to be held elsewhere.

Contributions: SEQC is a non-commercial organisation that operates purely on the contributions of its members and fees charged for quizzes conducted by them. A kitty box is made available at the venue for people, but contributing is purely voluntary. We request members to be moderate in their contribution.

Collections are used to pay for snacks and beverages for our monthly quizzes, and to sponsor small prizes for some of our specialised events.

People who would like to contribute in a larger way can speak to one of the core members (Annie Sen Gupta or Rajiv D’Silva would be the best choices) to discuss how.

Staying in touch: There are two main ways you can stay notified of SEQC events, or otherwise interact with club members:
1. You can have your name and e-mail ID added to the electronic mailing list (click here to make a request: please give your full name and e-mail ID). Announcements about upcoming quizzes and other important activities/happenings are sent out to this list.
2. Or, if you have been active for a while in the group, you can ask for your name and e-mail ID to be added to the e-group. On the e-group, you’ll find people posting quiz questions, links of interest or discussing quiz-related matters in a serious or more usually jocular vein.

In addition to this, you can also opt to follow this blog and/or join the Goa Sunday Evening Quiz Club group on Facebook (do a search by this name).

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