Tuesday, May 28, 2013

SEQC June Quiz

Date: 2nd June 2013
Time: 5.00 pm
QM: Rajiv D'Silva
Flavour: General
Venue: Zuari Hall, The International Centre Goa, Dona Paula
Participation: Open to all, entry free

Mahaquizzer 2013 - Goa scores

Rank Name of participant Category Score Starred qts
1 Aniruddha Sen Gupta Open 77 *3 **4
2 Julian D'Costa School 50 2 2
3 V R Muralidharan Open 41 2 1
4 Rajiv D'Silva Open 41 1
5 Paul Gatward Open 24 1 1
6 Anjali Sen Gupta Ladies 24
7 Gouthami Ladies 23 1
8 Vilas Pavithran College 21
9 Leroy Veloso Open 20
10 Harshvardhan Bhatkuly Open 16 1
11 Sunil Sardessai Open 16
12 Ira Almeida D'Costa Ladies 14
13 Nikhil Shirsat Open 13 1
14 Tanmay Naik School 13
15 Harsh Hegde School 9
16 Kunal Naik School 9
17 Suraj Kamat College 8 2
18 Amit Shet Open 8
19 Amol Mahaldar Open 7
20 Eesha Tirodkar School 7
21 Rakesh Nayak Open 6
22 Neha Prabhu Salgaonkar Ladies 6
23 Ramchandra Prabhu Salgaonkar College 5
24 Anant Tirodkar Open 4
25 Anirudddha Sankoli School 4
26 Soham Kamat School 3
27 Divya Mahaldar Ladies 2
28 Aditya Phadte School 1
29 Pooja Deelip Phadte Ladies 0
30 Aditya Mahaldar School 0

SEQCm May - Results & Content

QM: Rajiv D'Silva

1st: Akash Arun, Ameya Mardolkar, Aniruddha Sengupta, Kalidas Naik, Savika Gomes, Terrence D'Costa, Vikram D'Silva, Vilas Pavithran - 135
2nd: Anish Dhaimodkar, Jyoti Dhaimodkar, Kaksham Naik, Lynn Barretto Miranda, Nitish Wagle, Ramaa Dhaimodkar, Sunil Sardessai, Suraj Kamat, Viraj Nayak - 125
3rd: Paul Gatward, Sigourney Gomes, Tanmay Naik, Tarun Mascarenhas, Tallulah D'Silva, Viola Rodrigues, V. R. Muralidharan - 115
4th: Harsh Hegde, Ira Almeida, Julian D'Costa, Paola Mambro, Sahil Ramchandani, Sanjay Parab - 110

The next Margao quiz will be held on the 29th of June, to be QMed by Lynn Barretto Miranda.

Monday, May 27, 2013

World Quizzing Championships 2013

Date: 1st June 2013
Time: 3.30 pm
Format: The quiz will consist of 8 written question papers of 30 questions each, to be answered in two 1-hour sessions with a 10-minute break in between. For an idea of what the quiz will be like, head to the IQA site.
Venue: Zuari Hall, International Centre Goa, Dona Paula - Panaji.
Participation: Open to all. This is a solo event. Participants must register beforehand by sending an email to seqcgoa@gmail.com. Last date for receiving registrations is 31st May 2013. Spot entries will be accommodated depending on availability of question papers and seating space.

Chandrakant Keni Memorial My Goa Quiz

Date: 30th May 2013
Time: 3.30 pm. 
QM: Rajiv D'Silva
Flavour: Goa
Venue: Institute Menezes Braganza Conference Hall, Panaji.
Participation: Open to all in teams of two, entry free.

Monday, May 20, 2013


Date: 25th May 2013
Time: 5.00 pm
QM: Rajiv D'Silva
Flavour: General
Venue: Urban Health Centre, opp Hospicio Hospital, Margao
Participation: Open to all, entry free

Day of Quizzing - Content

SciTech Quiz (QM: Nitish Wagle) - Prelims

SciTech Quiz - Finals

Mixed Bag Quizzes

Tanmay Naik

Ashwin Krishnan

Lynn Barreto Miranda

Aniruddha Sengupta

Football Quiz (QM: Harsh Hegde) - Prelims

Football Quiz - Finals

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mahaquizzer 2013 - Goa Edition

(Update: Please note the changed venue)
MahaQuizzer 2013, the ninth edition of the National Solo Quiz Championship conducted by the Karnataka Quiz Association will be held in 15 cities across India on the last Sunday of this month.

Date: 26th May 2013
Time: 9.30 am. The quiz will begin at 10.00 am sharp, latecomers will have to go back dissapointed.
QMs: Urmila Lakshmanan, Sujata Sharma, Vivek Karthikeyan, Rajagopal PS, Mitesh Agarwal.
Proctor: Tallulah D'Silva
Flavour: General
Format: Written. 150 questions to be answered in 90 minutes.
Venue: Zuari Hall, The International Centre Goa, Dona Paula
Participation: Open to all, entry free. Prizes will be awarded in 4 categories - Open, Ladies, College & School (upto Std. X). Pre-registration is essential. To register, use this link. Call 9823362217 in case any clarifications are necessary.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

SEQC April - Content

(Apologies for the unusual format of this post. Multiple attempts at posting Srijit's ppt file the usual way have failed. I don't even have any hair to tear out these days. This is how a pdf embeds from Google Drive, apparently)

SEQC May 2013 monthly – content

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

SEQC May - Results

QM: Aniruddha Sengupta

1st: Kanchan Gatward, Paola Mambro, Pranab Mukhopadhyay, Raghunandan Mysore, Sandhya Estibiero, Sanjay Parab, Tanmay Naik, Veenu Vas - 150
2nd: [Adish Talwadker, Anjali Sengupta, Ashwin Mysore, Gouthami, Lynn Barretto Miranda, Taran Mukherjee, Terry Pereira] & [Beverly Mendonca, Kedar Naik, Nisha Albuquerque, Rajiv D'Silva, Shaila DeSouza, Tallulah D'Silva, Yash Pathak] - 120
4th: Ananya Mukherjee, Anil Rodrigues, Ashwin Mascarenhas, Harsh Hegde, Jatan Rodrigues, Pranav Khadpe, Shaswat Salgaocar, Viola Rodrigues - 110
5th: Harshvardhan Bhatkuly, Lara Pereira, Marc Mascarenhas, Mohnish Sardessai, Rohan Saxena, Sunil Sardessai, Yash Latkar - 95
6th: Anant Tirodkar, B. Raj, Conrad Fernandes, Eesha Tirodkar, Julian Fernandes, Nitish Wagle, Paul Gatward, Utpal Narvekar - 75

The next monthly in Panjim, the first quiz of SEQC's sixth year (!) will be held on the 2nd of June, and will be hosted by Rajiv D'Silva.