Monday, May 25, 2009

Goa Quiz on 30th May 2009

Sunday Evening Quiz Club and Quizmaster Harshvardhan Bhatkuly are hosting the Chandrakant Keni Memorial GOA QUIZ on 30th May 2009 - Goa Statehood Day. The Quiz content is based on Goa and all things related to the State and will be held at the Institute Menezes Braganza’s Art Gallery from 3.30 pm onwards. The Quiz is an homage to veteran journalist and writer Chandrakant Keni and is aptly being held on Statehood Day. The event will have a mix of written and on-stage rounds with a generous display of audio-visual extravaganza. The quiz is open to all sections of public and the entry is free to this event.

Spot entries are also welcome. Details of the event can be found on or call 9890983826 for details

Mahaquizzer 2009 Goa Results

KQA's annual Mahaquizzer made its debut in Goa last Sunday, and must be adjudged as an unqualified success by any yardstick. 52 entrants sat through 90 gruelling minutes on a hot and sultry morning. The questions were tough brain-rackers, and most required a high degree of awareness to crack. That, added to the time-pressure, meant that this is the kind of quiz that separates the men from the boys. Little surprise then, that when the results were clear, a slightly hirsute man stood up to claim his title with a grin. The gap between Annie's score of 78 and the next best was so wide that Navjyot Singh Sidhu could've driven a truck through it. Here are the complete results:

Mahaquizzer Goa 2009

Conducted by: Nithin Manayath
Number of participants: 52
Open - Aniruddha Sen Gupta (78)
Ladies - Venita Coelho (34)
College - Adish Talwadker (31)
School - Ashray Adappa (9)
Prize Sponsors: Broadway Book Store & Monginis Cake Shop
Venue Sponsors: Hotels Manvin's
Other scores:
Rajiv D’Silva - 47
Vidyadhar Gadgil - 41
Harshvardhan Bhatkuly - 32
Luis Dias - 31
Dhruv Usgaonkar - 24
Amba Salelkar - 20
Gaurav Kenkre - 17
Leroy Veloso - 17
Chetan Das - 17
Akshay - 17
Anjali Sen Gupta - 16
Sunil Sardessai - 15
Paul Gatward - 14
Viola Rodrigues - 14
Eirik Steinsholt - 11
Kanchan Gatward - 10
P.D. Mukherjee - 10
Sanjay Phadte - 10
Amit Seth - 10
Anuradha Sen Gupta - 10
C. G. Nitash - 9
Sachin Chatte - 9
Neha Nayak - 8
Mahesh Prabhu - 8
Annamaria De Souza-Goswami - 8
Nikhil Rocha - 8
Sadika Buddaseth - 7
Smita Kaushik - 7
Ameya Mardolkar - 6
Chandru Mirchandani - 6
Tallulah D’Silva - 5
Armaan Arora - 5
Deepak Dias - 4
Tammanna Arora - 4
Ramkrishna Sawkar - 4
Shweta Seth - 4
Neha Rocha - 4
Kanchan Desai - 3
Reena Borkar - 3
Sanya Meshram - 2
Abhijit Deshpande - 1
Soraya Mukherjee - 1
Rohit Patel - 0
Rohan - 0
Umanath Naik - 0
Vasuki B. T. - 0

Many thanks to Nithin for conducting the quiz with equanimity and elan, and to KQA for bringing this great event here.

Monday, May 18, 2009

May Quiz Results

Quiz 12, Year 1 was a close one. For more details on what was a very off-beat and enjoyable quiz, wait for the official review, to be filed by PD. In the meantime, here are the complete results.

May 2009 Quiz

QM: Sunil Sardessai

1st: Aniruddha Sen Gupta, Mahesh Prabhu, P. D. Mukherjee (80 pts)
2nd: C. G. Niyati, Talullah D'Silva, Sachin Chatte (70 pts)
3rd: [Mariette Correa, Harshvardhan Bhatkuly, Paul Gatward], [Ashray Adappa, Luis Dias, Rajiv D'Silva], [Sanya Meshram, Rohit Patel, Vidyadhar Gadgil] & [Anjali Sen Gupta, Anuradha Sen Gupta, Leroy Veloso, Kanchan Gatward] (50 pts)

Which means that yours truly has managed to hold on to his lead and emerge SEQC champion in its first year. Annie & Anjali tie for second place, while Vidyadhar and Tallulah round up the top five. Here is the complete league table.

The first quiz of Year 2 will be held on the 14th of June 2009, yours truly will QM and host. Details when the time comes.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Mahaquizzer 2009

Continuing the trend of big-league quizzing coming to Goa, the Karnataka Quiz Association's Mahaquizzer will be held in the state for the first time.

Mahaquizzer, an all-India written quiz, is a unique contest, requiring the participant to answer 150 questions drawn from as wide a spread as possible, in 90 minutes. It is open to all and entry is free. The quiz will be held simultaneously at Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Trivandrum, Pune, Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Bhubaneshwar, Mysore, Thrissur, Guwahati and Panaji.

Prizes will be awarded in each city to the best school entrant, the best college entrant, the best woman entrant, and the person scoring the highest in that city. In addition, the title of Mahaquizzer will go the person achieving the best score across India. Other details of the contest, and the questions asked in previous years, are put up at the KQA website.

Mahaquizzer 2009 Goa

Date: 24th May 2009
Time: 9.30 am
Flavour: General
Venue: Hotel Manvin, Souza Towers, Opp. Municipal Garden, Church Square, Panaji.
How to participate: Mail or call Arul Mani on 09731214519 mentioning that you are participating from Goa. If you are a student, mention your age and institution. For other details call Anjali on 9860089733 or Tallulah on 9823362217.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Quiz 12 - May 2009

The season finale of SEQC's first year will take place this Sunday. Come prepared to have your back roundly slapped!

SEQC May 2009 Quiz

Date: 17th May 2009
Time: 5:00 pm
QM: Sunil Sardessai
Flavour: General
Venue: 5th Floor 'Yashodhan', Opposite Green Acres, Tonca-Miramar.
How to get there: Drive along DB Road, then take a left at the Miramar Circle. Keep driving past Dhempe College and take the next left. At the end of this road is a Y-junction. Sunil's building is right at the junction on the right hand side. For the growing legion of dog lovers, this is just opposite the government veterinary hospital. Call Sunil on 9822101090 in case you can't find it.