Monday, June 23, 2014

Margao Monthly June

Date: 28th June 2014

Time: 5.00 pm
Venue: Urban Health Centre, opp. Hospicio, Margao
QM: Amey Karpe & Rahul Kakodkar
Flavour: General
Participation: Open to all.

Leaderboard Challenge - Results

Semi-Final One

QMs: Rajiv D'Silva, Shaswat Salgaonkar, Julian D'Costa, Vidyadhar Gadgil, Srijit Kumar, Ameya Mardolkar

1st: Ajey Patil, Molu Garg, Sarat Rao - 115
2nd: Aniruddha Sen Gupta, Leroy Veloso, Mahesh Prabhu - 95
3rd: Anjali Sengupta, Mohnish Sardessai, Tallulah D'Silva - 85
4th: Ashwini Joglekar, Harshvardhan Bhatkuly, Nitish Wagle - 70
5th: Delson Roche, Paul Gatward, Veenu Vas - 55
6th: Ashwin Mysore, Ira Almeida, Lynn Barretto Miranda - 45

Semi-Final Two

QMs: Aniruddha Sen Gupta, Nitish Wagle, Paul Gatward, Ajey Patil, Anjali Sengupta, Lynn Barretto Miranda

1st: Parind Phadte, Rajiv D'Silva, Suraj Kamat - 128
2nd: Akash Arun, Anant Prabhu, Julian D'Costa - 96
3rd: Kanchan Gatward, Soham Gaunekar, Srijit Kumar - 90
4th: KV Gouthami, Shaswat Salgaonkar, Terrence Pereira - 76
5th: Ameya Mardolkar, Sanjay Parab, Shubham Tiwari - 74
6th: CN Prabhakar, Sahil Sharma, Vidyadhar Gadgil - 69


QMs: Ameya Mardolkar, Nitish Wagle, Vidyadhar Gadgil, Lynn Barretto Miranda, KV Gouthami, Paul Gatward

1st: Aniruddha Sen Gupta, Leroy Veloso, Mahesh Prabhu - 103
2nd: Parind Phadte, Rajiv D'Silva, Suraj Kamat - 89
3rd: Ajey Patil, Sarat Rao - 59
4th: Akash Arun, Anant Prabhu, Julian D'Costa - 58
5th: Kanchan Gatward, Soham Gaunekar, Srijit Kumar - 25
6th: Anjali Sengupta, Mohnish Sardessai, Tallulah D'Silva - 15

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Leaderboard Challenge 2.0

Date: 22nd June 2014
Time: 3.00 pm
Venue: Zuari Hall, International Centre Goa, Dona Paula

Semi-Final One:
QMs: Rajiv D'Silva, Viola Rodrigues, Vidyadhar Gadgil, Julian D'Costa, Ameya Mardolkar, Srijit Kumar
Participating teams:
Aniruddha Sen Gupta, Leroy Veloso, Mahesh Prabhu
Nitish Wagle, Tanmay Naik, Harshvardhan Bhatkuly
Paul Gatward, Veenu Vas, Delson Roche
Anjali Sengupta, Tallulah D'Silva, Adish Talwadker
Ajey Patil, Harsh Hegde, Altamash Panjwany
Lynn Barretto Miranda, Ira Almeida, Ashwin Mysore

Semi-Final Two:
QMs: Aniruddha Sen Gupta, Nitish Wagle, Paul Gatward, Anjali Sengupta, Ajey Patil, Lynn Barretto Miranda
Participating teams:
Rajiv D'Silva, Suraj Kamat, Parind Phadte
KV Gouthami, Sachin Chatte, Terrence Pereira
Vidyadhar Gadgil, CN Prabhakar, Paola Mambro
Julian D'Costa, Anant Prabhu, Akash Arun
Ameya Mardolkar, Sanjay Parab, Samyak Rajanala
Srijit Kumar, Kanchan Gatward, Soham Gaunekar

The top 3 teams in the two semi-finals will compete in the finals.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Goa screening of 'Furiously Curious', a documentary on quizzing in India

If you've been a quizzer, or even liked to watch quizzes, you'd have seen it all. Upsets, downturns, the fast and the furious, the cool and the perturbed, the esoteric and the banal, the camaraderie and the intense rivalry.

Sarat Rao, a Mumbai-based documentary filmmaker, has now captured the sheer drama of it all in a documentary titled 'Furiously Curious'. As he puts it, "Knowledge obtained through the internal mechanism of an overpowering curiosity is well-remembered and well-enjoyed. The moment you test this knowledge, a certain competitive potential is set up. Soon enough sparks are bound to fly!"

SEQC features prominently in the 85-minute film. "Whoever has seen it so far has found the Goa sequences among the most interesting," says Rao. "The flavour of quizzing here is unique."

'Furiously Curious' will be screened for the first time in Goa at the International Centre Goa (ICG), in association with SEQC, on Sunday June 22 at 11am. The director will be on hand to introduce the film and interact with the audience. Attendance is free and open to all. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Chandrakant Keni Memorial My Goa Quiz

Date: 18th June 2014
Time: 3.00 pm
Venue: Institute Menezes Braganza, Panjim
QM: Harshvardhan Bhatkuly
Flavour: All things Goan
Participation: Open to all, in teams of two members each.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

World Quizzing Championships - Goa scores

(Scores are for the 7 best topics. Overall score in brackets)

1. Aniruddha Sen Gupta - 94 (104)
2. Julian D'Costa - 80 (86)
3. Vidyadhar Gadgil - 73 (77)
4. Rajiv D'Silva - 65 (71)
5. Shaswat Salgaokar - 62 (66)
6. Ajey Patil - 60 (64)
7. Joseph de Souza - 53 (57)
8. KV Gouthami - 49 (51)
9. Rahul Kakodkar - 48 (51)
10. Viola Rodrigues - 41 (42)
11. Sunil Sardessai - 36 (37)
12. Shubham Tiwari - 32 (34)
13. Anant Prabhu - 29 (29)
14. Nandini Naga - 27 (28)
15. Terence Pereira - 25 (26)
16. Dhanaraj Naik - 24 (25)
17. Rhea Rodrigues - 21 (21)
18. Jonas Rodrigues - 18 (19)
20. Shailesh Costa - 7 (7)
21. Vishal Malapati - 6 (6)
22. Meenakshi Chodankar - 4 (4)
23. Vikram D'Silva - 3 (3)
24. Aditi Chodankar - 0 (0)

Junior WQC Scores:
1. Jonas Rodrigues - 51
2. Vishal Malapati - 29
3. Vikram D'Silva - 12
4. Aditi Chodankar - 11

Complete worldwide scores are up here.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

World Quizzing Championships 2014

Date: 7th June 2014
Time: 3.30 pm. Please be seated by 3.15 pm at the latest.
Format: The quiz will consist of 8 written question papers of 30 questions each, to be answered in two 1-hour sessions with a 10-minute break in between. For an idea of what the quiz will be like, head to the IQA site.
Venue: Zuari Hall, International Centre Goa, Dona Paula - Panaji.
Participation: Open to all. This is a solo event. Participants must register beforehand by sending an email to Last date for receiving registrations is 6th June. Spot entries will be accommodated depending on availability of question papers and seating space.

Update 1: This year's WQC will also feature a separate Junior edition. This will be held along with the open edition, and consists of 120 questions. Students of Std. X and below are eligible to participate.

Update 2: Please note the changed timing. The time originally mentioned in this post was 2.30 pm. The quiz will now start at 3.30 pm sharp.

Panjim Monthly June - Results

QM: Vidyadhar Gadgil

1st: Amod Kolwalkar, Aniruddha Sengupta, Aren Noronha, Chaitanya Naik, Fatima Kumar, Lynn Barretto Miranda, Mariette Correa, Riza Noronha, Tallulah D'Silva, Vikram D'Silva - 180
2nd: Anant Prabhu, Neil Nunes, Nitish Wagle, Pamela D'Mello, Paola Mambro, Pranav Khadpe, Sanjay Hegde, Yash Latkar - 120
3rd: [Alka Patil, Arun Patil, Astrid Vas, C. N. Prabhakar, Gouthami,  Rahul Kakodkar, Suyash Tirodkar, Tanmay Pereira Naik] & [Ashwin Mascarenhas, Kaivalya Karkare, Leroy Veloso, Mithila Prabhudesai, Raj Latkar, Rajiv D'Silva, Sudnya Shetye, Vedang Shetye, Vijaykumar Shetye] - 75
5th: Ameya Mardolkar, Anuradha Sengupta, Eesha Tirodkar, Kunal Naik, Raunaq Rao, Rebecca Pereira, Reshama Salelkar, Terry Pereira, Viola Rodrigues - 70
6th: Anjali Sengupta, Ashwin Kumar, Lara Pereira, Mahesh Prabhu, Shaswat Salgaocar, Soham Gaunekar, Srijit Kumar - 50

The next monthly quiz in Panjim will be held on the 6th of July, to be hosted by Mohnish Sardessai & Pranav Khadpe.

Margao Monthly May - Results

QM: Sanjay Parab

1st: Akash Arun, Aniruddha Sengupta, Mahesh Prabhu, Viraj Nayak - 355
2nd: Abhijeet Virginkar, Ameya Mardolkar, Harsh Hegde, Lynn Barretto Miranda - 275
3rd: Amey Karpe, Nathan Moniz, Rajiv D'Silva, Tarun Mascarenhas - 260
4th: Anant Prabhu, Anjali Sengupta, Rahul Kakodkar, Vilas Pavithran - 250

The Margao Monthly June will be held on the 29th of June, to be QMed by Amey Karpe & Rahul Kakodkar.