Friday, November 27, 2009

Register for Mega-Whats 2009 -- do it NOW!

Mega-Whats 2009, the National Open Quizzing Championships, is the next major event on our club calendar. This is going to be an event like the Mahaquizzer, except that this one is for teams of four. SEQC has already put Goa on the quizzing map of the country (if not the world; or why stop there, the universe?). This is our chance to burn a hole in that map, by having teams finish high up in the national rankings.

So get together with family, friends and, if necessary, foes, and put your best team forward. More details are in the MWhat-flier.PDF file, which you can download from the Files section of the SEQC mailgroup (click here to go to that Web page).

Also, please spread the good word -- mail the PDF or a link to this blog post to anyone who might care.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Quiz Quest 2

Date: November 26, 2009
Time: 9.30am
QM: Savio Figueiredo
Flavour: General
Venue: St Britto's Boys' School, Mapusa
Participation: School students from classes VIII to X, in teams of three.

The quiz is the second edition of an all-Goa inter-school competition organised by the Britto's Old Boys Association.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Three reasons why I like Srikant Subramaniam

A report on the SEQC November 2009 quiz

Three reasons why I like Srikant Subramaniam:
1. He's got gumption. It isn't easy to jump into setting and conducting a quiz in a closed group like our quiz club when you barely know the nature and level of participants. Many of our own quizzers hesitate to do so even after having been with the club for a year or more. Yet Srikant put his hand up (cricketers and commentators have really ruined this phrase, like many others) after attending just one quiz. Even a bout of instruction from the club conscience didn't faze him.
2. He's got a grin. Everything Srikant does, he does with a smile. I can just imagine him listening to aforementioned club conscience with the same big grin plastered across his face. Must have driven CC quite up the wall.
3. He's got game. Once the quiz got going (it took its time, owing to technical difficulties), it was really enjoyable. The questions were in a classical quiz mould, which most of us have a preference for (I do, at least). And Srikant really wanted them all answered. So much so that he was often willing to send questions round for a second spin, with additional information thrown in, if people didn't get them the first time around.

For me, personally, the quiz began very pleasantly, as Anjali was picked for the first time in the same team as I. The pleasure was, however, short-lived, as the need to even things out saw her despatched to another team almost right away. Up till the end of the first round of 30 questions, things continued to be personally satisfying, with Anjali-Adish's team tied for top place with ours. But then Rajiv's team started pulling away, and taking Gadgil's with him. Eventually, that's the order in which we finished. This win extends Rajiv's lead at the top of the SEQC leaderboard. Will be difficult to catch up with him, but there's still half the SEQC year left. To use another phrase which has had its face systematically squashed into the dust by the cricket bandwagon, anything's possible.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

SEQC November Quiz - Results

QM: Srikant Subramaniam

1st: Kanchan Desai, Neville Monteiro, Rajiv D'Silva, Sachin Chatte - 215
2nd: Anurag Panicker, Paula Mambro, Navin Pai, Vidyadhar Gadgil - 170
3rd: Aniruddha Sen Gupta, Conrad Fernandes, Jatan Rodrigues, Julian Fernandes - 155
4th: Adish Talwadker, Anjali Sen Gupta, Vaughan Fernandes, Vernon Fernandes - 110
5th: Anagha Panicker, Anil Rodrigues, Luis Dias, Sunil Sardessai - 90
6th: Amit Shet, C. G. Niyati, Rajesh Panicker, Sanchita Rodrigues, Vinita Panicker - 45

The next monthly quiz will be held at the same time, same place on the 6th of December 2009, to be conducted by Amit Shet.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Casa da Moeda Quiz - Results

QM: Aniruddha Sen Gupta

1st: [Chryselle D'Silva-Dias, Elvira Dias, Luis Dias, Pankaj Kurtarkar, Prajal Sakhardande, Sneha Puri] & [P. D. Mukherjee, Rajiv D'Silva, Tallulah D'Silva, Timothy, Tulna Patel] - 5
3rd: Anjali Sen Gupta, Cecil Pinto, Sanjeev Sardessai, Soraya Mukherjee, Valerie - 2.5
4th: Isabel Vaz, Neville Monteiro, Paula Mambro, Preshita Shah, Sachin Chatte - 2
5th: Anil Rodrigues, Jatan Rodrigues, Mahesh Prabhu - 1.5
6th: Alisha Colaco, Christine, Helene Derkins, Noel, Sanchita Rodrigues - 0

Around the World in 80 Minutes - Results

QM: Annie Sen Gupta

1st: Eden Jacques, Julian D'Costa, Lyse Ann Fernandes, Shorya Fernandes
2nd: Daniel Ferreira, Ninoshka Naik, Nishika Manira, Raul De Gouveia Pinto
3rd: Karthika Pai Vernekar, Sachi Angle, Sybil Santimano, Tarun Mascarenhas
4th: Apurva Virgincar, Chetan Assoldekar, Nikhil Rao, Sairaj Phaldessai
5th: Aditya Phaldessai, Eric Mesquita, Kritika Javali, Sairaj Kamat
6th: Ayesha Pereira, Kareen Moraes, Nigel Menezes, Winthrop Pereira

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Young Buzz Quiz

Date: 18th November 2009
Time: 12 pm
QM: Harshvardhan Bhatkuly
Flavour: General
Venue: Don Bosco Oratory, Panaji
Participation: Students uptil class X, in teams of two.

For more details call Vishal Rane on 9822299952.

SEQC November Quiz

SEQC's Monthly Quiz, pushed to the third Sunday of the month instead of the usual first, will take place this weekend. Be there.

Date: 15th November 2009
Time: 5.00 pm
QM: Srikant Subramaniam
Flavour: General
Venue: CCP Hall, 2nd Floor, CCP Building, Opp. Cafe Central, Panaji
Participation: Open

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Casa da Moeda quiz

November 10, 2009
Time: 7.30 pm
QM: Annie Sen Gupta
Flavour: General, with a focus on coins and houses
Venue: Casa da Moeda (Luis's house), near Main Post Office, Panjim
Participation: Open to all

Luis and his family are celebrating 175 years of their house, which once used to be Goa's Mint House (Casa da Moeda). The quiz is the wind-up event of the Festival.

'Around the World' quiz at Vidya Vikas Academy, Margao

Date: November 7, 2009
Time: 11 am
QM:Annie Sen Gupta
Flavour: 'Around the World in 80 Minutes' quiz game
Venue: Vidya Vikas Academy, Margao
Participation: Open to the students of the school

Monday, November 2, 2009

Architecture Quiz - Results

Here are the results of the quiz on architecture held on the 21st of October 2009 at the Goa College of Architecture.

QM: Rajiv D'Silva

1st: 5th Year (Shawn, Ezra, Oriana) - 115
2nd: 3rd Year (Eureka, Noah, Sagar) - 90
3rd: 2nd Year (Aditya, Nikhil, Alan) - 70
4th: 2nd Year (Vinti, Raghav, Donovan) - 55
5th: 1st Year (Shamina, Balchandra, Snehal) - 20