Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Add-on quiz on October 2

There's been sufficient interest in the add-on quiz I had said I would conduct, so we're on for 4pm on Sunday October 2 at ICG. This will be a casual, non-leaderboard event.

The October monthly by Nitish Wagle will take place immediately on this being completed, hopefully by 5pm.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Mastermind it!

A report by Annie Sen Gupta on the second set of first-round contests of SEQC's Mastermind Junior competition, held at ICG, Dona Paula, on September 18.

Not having been in town on the date, I couldn't be there for the first set of Round 1 match-ups in the SEQC Mastermind Junior competition. Watching the second set, which were held on September 18, I really regretted having missed the first day.

The competition was fierce, and the performance of the young SEQCites superlative. It felt like Mastermind at its best -- in most cases, assured quizzers easily navigating the specialised and general knowledge question sets. With Rajiv as QM, the sombre interrogation that Mastermind is supposed to be had a friendly touch to it, appropriate to the age of the participants.

The first contest was perhaps a little one-sided, with Kunal Naik powering his way to an assured victory over close friend Soham Gaunekar and the indefatigable Nitish Fatarpekar. Kunal had chosen a potentially too-vast subject, 'The Simpsons', but his range of knowledge on the subject saw him establish a decent lead in the Specialised Subject round, which he consolidated with his General Knowledge.

The second contest was the cliffhanger. It began with some drama, with Samrah Kazi, who wasn't originally slated to be one of the contestants, bravely stepping up to take the place of Akash Kulkarni, who was a no-show. Sadly, fortune didn't favour the brave, as Akash's specialised topic of 'The Indian Premier League' had her stumped. The big surprise came in the performances of the other three in the group. Shashwat Salgaonkar, certainly one of the favourites for the crown of Junior Mastermind, was first bested by Shubham Tiwari, and then by Tarun Mascarenhas. A huge upset seemed to be on the cards.

Going into the GK round with a 10-point disadvantage, Shashwat seemed to be out of it when his total after his GK set put him barely 3 points above Tarun's score from the specialised set. Shubham, on next, did cross Shashwat's score, but set Tarun a target of just 5 points. With the contest seemingly in the bag, though, came anohter twist. Tarun only managed 4 points in his GK set, and Shubham went through from this match.

In the final group, too, Maithili Majithia scored 9 in her specialised set to finish ahead of the more fancied Akshay Rege (8) and Agastya Keni (6). Agastya had perhaps bitten off more than he could chew when he chose 'The National Basketball Association from 2000-2011' as his specialised subject, but it was the GK round that was his real bete noire. Maithili failed to capitalise on her lead, and did poorly in her GK set. Akshay roared back and this contest reverted to form.

Up ahead are the semis on November 13, with Shubham, Kunal and Akshay joining Jatan, Julian and Anand, who had earlier qualified from the previous Sunday's Round One contests. The competition can only get more tense, and I'm looking forward to being at this event. I suggest you mark it on your calendars as well.

From Boys to Men

A report by Tallulah D'Silva on the SEQC Junior Mastermind First Round held in Margao on the 11th September.

Junior Mastermind debuted at Margao with a surprisingly large turnout, the largest since its inception less than a year ago. Although the number of participants from Margao were a handful for this version of the quiz, the quizmaster’s decision to have its debut in this southern town seemed to have worked well with some dropping by to see what the quss ( fuss over a quiz!) was all about. Prior to the quiz, Rajiv D’Silva briefed the contestants on stage procedures and the other nuances of the quiz, reiterating the fact that most of these kids weren’t around when the Mastermind series were televised across the country! The first group had Julian, the local quiz wiz kid and the only experienced junior to have participated in an earlier version of SEQC Mastermind held more than a year ago, beginning the proceedings so as to help others that followed get acquainted with the structure, pace and routine of the first specialized subject round. Having chosen the Asterix Comics, Julian did extremely well with just 1 pass and 19 right answers. He scored highest in the GK round too topping in his group with 31 points. Anand P S topped in the next group with Tamanna Arora close behind by only a point having scored poorly in the general knowledge round. The last group saw Atharv Joshi who chose a toughie (Einstein’s Annus Mirabilis) and one of the favourites losing to Jatan Rodrigues by 4 points although having an equal score of 11 in the general knowledge round. The kids conducted themselves extremely well and audience proved very supportive in turn. Looking forward to the next clash of the Lilliputians!

Animal Instincts quiz results

QM: Aniruddha Sen Gupta

1st: St Britto's High School, Mapusa (Aaron Carvalho, Kendrick Fernandes, Onkar M. Nagvekar) - 128 points
2nd: G.S. Amonkar Vidya Mandir, Mapusa (Akshata Tar, Suraj Parmekar, Rajendra Deshprabhu) - 101 points
3rd: Holy Family School, Porvorim (Ashish Narvekar, Gilbert Soyus, Saheel Maulingkar) - 76 points
4th: St Mary's High School, Mapusa (Aliana Rodrigues, Rachita Alvi, Reissa Ribeiro) - 52 points

SEQCm September monthly results

QM: Kiril Vaz

1st: Aniruddha Sen Gupta, Asif Ali, Harsh Hegde - 160 points
2nd: Ajachi Chakrabarti, Paul Gatward, Sahil Ramchandani, Sanjay D. Parab - 110 points
3rd: [Abhijeet Virgincar, Leander Paes, V.R. Muralidharan, Zibane Paes] & [Abdul Razzaq, Akshay Rege, Ameya Mardolkar, Anjali Sen Gupta] - 70 points

SEQC October

Date:2nd October 2011
Time: 5.00 pm
QM: Nitish Wagle
Flavour: General
Venue: Zuari Hall, The International Centre Goa, Dona Paula
Participation: Open to all, entry free

Friday, September 23, 2011

SEQCm September Quiz

Date: 24th September 2011
Time: 5.00 pm
QM: Kiril Vaz
Flavour: General
Venue: Urban Health Centre, opp Hospicio Hospital, Margao
Participation: Open to all, entry free

Thursday, September 22, 2011

SEQC Mastermind Junior - First Round Results

Group 4:
1st: Shubham Tiwari - 27 (The Mahabharata - 15, GK - 12)
2nd: Tarun Mascarenhas - 26 (The Percy Jackson Book Series - 22, GK - 4)
3rd: Shaswat Salgaonkar - 25 (The 2010 FIFA World Cup - 12, GK - 13)
4th: Samrah Kazi - 3 (The Indian Premier League - 1, GK - 2)

Group 5:
1st: Kunal Naik - 29 (The Simpsons - 15, GK - 14)
2nd: Soham Gaunekar - 20 (The Life and Career of Eminem - 11, GK - 9)
3rd: Nitish Fatarpekar - 12 (The Transformers Movie Series - 8, GK - 4)

Group 6:
1st: Akshay Rege - 20 (The Musical Career of Green Day - 8, GK - 12)
2nd: Maithili Majithia - 10 (The 2010 Commonwealth Games - 9, GK - 1)
3rd: Agastya Keni - 6 (The National Basketball Association from 2000-2011 - 6, GK - 0)

Winners in each group go through to the semi-finals, to be held on the 13th of November.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tata Crucible - Goa Round

 Date: 22nd September 2011
Time: 5.00 pm
QM: Giri 'Pickbrain' Balasubramanium
Flavour: Business
Venue: Cardium Auditorium, National Institute of Oceanography, Dona Paula
Who can participate: Teams of two, representing their company/organization.
Prizes: Rs 75,000 for the winners, 35,000 for the runners-up
More details at the official site.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Animal Quiz

Date: September 18, 2011
Time: 9am
Venue: St Britto's School Mapusa
Organised by: Department of Animal Husbandry, Goa
QM: Aniruddha Sen Gupta
Flavour: All creatures great and small
Participation: This one's for school students only, from classes VIII to X, in teams of three. The organisers have been in touch with schools, largely in Bardez, about sending teams.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

SEQC Mastermind Junior - Round One continues...

Date: 18th September 2011
Time: 5.00 pm.
QM: Rajiv D'Silva
Format: Classic Mastermind
Venue: Zuari Hall, International Centre Goa, Dona Paula
Participants: Shaswat Salgaonkar, Kunal Naik, Akshay Rege, Akash Kulkarni, Soham Gaunekar, Agastya Keni, Shubham Tiwari, Nitish Fatarpekar, Maithili Majithia, Tarun Mascarenhas.

SEQC Mastermind Junior - First Round Results

Group 1:
1st: Jatan Rodrigues - 25 (The Films of Quentin Tarantino - 14, GK - 11)
2nd: Atharv Joshi - 21 (Einstein's Annus Mirabilis - 10, GK - 11)
3rd: Ashwin Mascarenhas - 13 (The Kane Chronicles - 11, GK - 2)

Group 2:
1st: Julian D'Costa - 31 (The Asterix Comics - 19, GK - 12)
2nd: Saheel Wagh - 14 (The I-League 2010-11 - 9, GK - 5)
3rd: Sahil Prabhudesai - 2 (The Harappan Civilization - 1, GK - 1)

Group 3:
1st: Anand P.S. - 23 (The Sherlock Holmes Books by Arthur Conan Doyle - 14, GK -9)
2nd: Tamanna Aurora - 22 (The Harry Potter Novels - 19, GK - 3)
3rd: Iona Francis - 3 (The Solar System - 3, GK - 0)

Winners in each group go through to the semi-finals, to be held on the 13th of November.

SEQCm August - Content

Incredible India Quiz Open - Content

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

SEQC Mastermind Junior - First Round

Date: 11th September 2011
Time: 5.00 pm
QM: Rajiv D'Silva
Format: Classic Mastermind
Venue: Urban Health Centre, Margao
Participants: Atharv Joshi, Julian D'Costa, Tammanna Aurora, Ashwin Mascarenhas, Saheel Wagh, Anand P. S., Jatan Rodrigues, Sahil Prabhudesai, Iona Francis.

SEQC September Results

QM: Sirish Nimmagadda

1st: [Adish Talwadker, Akshay Rege, Anil Rodrigues, Kunal Naik, Pamela D'Mello, Paola Mambro, Rohan Fernandes, Samrah Kazi], [Amruta Patil, Aniruddha Sankoli, Jiten Majithia, Nitish Wagle, Parind Phadte, Shaswat Salgaonkar, Shaunak Sardessai, Tallulah D'Silva, Valmiki Naik] & [Agastya Keni, Aniruddha Sen Gupta, Anjali Sen Gupta, Atharv Joshi, Jared D'Lima, Raghunandan Mysore, Riza Noronha, Sanchita Rodrigues] - 13
4th: [Ajachi Chakrabarti, Amita Kanekar, Mahesh Prabhu, Shubham Tiwari, Soham Gaunekar, Sridevi P., Suraj Shenai] & [Conrad Fernandes, Maithili Majithia, Nikhil Shirsat, Nitish Fatarpekar, Sachin Chatte, Sadika Buddaseth, Sajan Venniyoor, Vasav Panchal] - 12
6th: Akash Kulkarni, Ashwin Mysore, Neeru Khera, Neil Khera, Priya Naik, Rajiv D'Silva, Sunil Sardessai, Vighna N. P. - 10

The next Panjim monthly will be held on the 2nd of October, to be hosted by Nitish Wagle.

Oasis Lone Wolf Quiz 2011 - Results

1.  Aniruddha Sen Gupta 70.5
2.  Rajiv D'Silva 48.5
3.  Ajachi Chakrabarti 41.5
4.  Chirag Mutgi 31.5
5.  Adish Talwadker 23.5
6.  Valmiki Naik 21
7.  Ashin George 18.5
8.  Anjali Sen Gupta 18
9.  Atharv Joshi 12.5
10.  Ananth Kachroo 11.5
11.  Sohag Sen 10
12 . Aditya Ramani 10
13.  Paola A Mambro 10
14.  Bhargav Vishwanathan 9.5
15.  Sumedh Kaulgud 8
16.  Akshay A Rege 7.5
17.  Vasav Panchal 2