Thursday, October 5, 2017

Quiz Pro Pros: a new series

Every year, SEQC runs a multi-part competition with teams composed in different ways. In the past, we've had, among other things, teams based on people's places of residence (In The Zone, 2013) or birth years (Decade-nce, 2016). This year, it's going to revolve around your professional choices.

Announcing Quiz Pro Pros, our series competition for 2017. For teams made up of doctors, or architects, or engineers, or management professionals, etc. The competition will be held between October and December, with the first episode to be held on Sunday, October 15.

To begin with, what is required is that all those interested in participating send in a pre-registration mail specifying your work area. You are free to describe it any way you like, but please clearly indicate what industry you work in, and a basic job function. For example, civil engineer in the construction industry; or marketing professional in the automotive business. Many of us have been different things through the course of our lives; your self-description can be from any part of your career.

College students can specify the stream that you are studying in; school students, just send your name and, if you like, what you would be interested in becoming.

Send this mail to before midnight on Tuesday, October 10. I will then compile all registrants and announce teams. 

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