Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Leaderboard Challenge - June 11 - results

For the last five years, the first special quiz of the SEQC year, following the June monthly, has been the Leaderboard Challenge. The top finishers on the previous year's Leaderboard are made captains and QMs for the day, and the rest of the gathering is divided into teams under them.

For the sake of ease of reporting, I have named each team after its captain.

1. Team Annie - Annie Sen Gupta, Lynn Barreto Miranda, Sahil Ramchandani
2. Team Rajiv - Rajiv D'Silva, Gouthami, Mahesh Prabhu
3. Team Gadgil - Vidyadhar Gadgil, Arvind Sivakumar, Pallavi Dhakne
4. Team Nitish - Nitish Wagle, Nathan Moniz, Sanjay Parab
5. Team Srijit - Srijit Kumar, Anjali Dar Sen Gupta, Omkar Churi
6. Team Paul - Paul Gatward, Madhura Chakraborty, Viola Rodrigues
7. Team Kanchan - Kanchan Gatward, Rahul Kakodkar, Rohit Koshy
8. Team Harsh - Harsh Hegde, Devadas Krishnan, Shubham Tiwari

Semi 1
QMs: Rajiv D'Silva, Nitish Wagle, Harsh Hegde, Paul Gatward
1st: Team Annie - 195 points
2nd: Team Srijit - 85 points
3rd: Team Gadgil - 65 points
4th: Team Kanchan - 40 points

Through to the Finals: Teams Annie and Srijit

Semi 2
QMs: Annie Sen Gupta, Vidyadhar Gadgil, Kanchan Gatward, Srijit Kumar
1st: Team Nitish - 145 points
2nd: Team Harsh - 140 points
3rd: Team Rajiv and Team Paul - 130 points

Through to the Finals: Teams Nitish and Harsh

QMs: Kanchan Gatward, Rajiv D'Silva, Vidyadhar Gadgil, Paul Gatward
1st: Team Annie - 230 points
2nd: Team Harsh - 181 points
3rd: Team Nitish - 130 points
4th: Team Srijit - 100 points

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