Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Quiz 7 beckons

The SEQC returns this Sunday to familiar territory in terms of venue but uncharted waters as far as the quizmaster goes. Vidyadhar Gadgil, by his own admission, hasn't QMed in decades - all the more reason to expect a cracker!

SEQC Quiz 7
Date: Sunday, 30th November 2008
Time: 6.00 pm
QM: Vidyadhar Gadgil
Flavour: One rank below Field Marshall
Who can join: Anybody. Everybody who lands up has to participate, though. There are no seats in the audience.
Place: At the Gadgil-Correa's , Carona
How to get there: (From a previous post) "...come to Aldona via the Mapusa bypass. That is, instead of going into Mapusa, you turn right at Hotel Green Park (about 9 kms from Panaji).
Once you get to Aldona junction, you get onto the road to Carona-Calvim. About a km and a half from the Aldona junction, you will come to a small junction where there are a few shops. Call me when you get there. OR ask for Gadgil's house or Niyati's house (husband and daughter respectively).
Alternatively, once you get to the Aldona junction, you will see RENDEEP cybercafe. That's Savio's cafe/house. You can coordinate with him to meet up there and come along with him."
Or call Marriette on 9423889397/2293766. Or follow the Wikimapia link.

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