Monday, November 3, 2008

Back to Square 3

This weekend, the SEQC returns to the scene of Quiz 3, with Hash promising to play the graceful host and exacting quizmaster in equal measure. It seems like a lot of water has flowed past the floating casinos since the last one, so here's a chance to pick things up after a lull of sorts.

SEQC Quiz 6
Date: Sunday, 9th November 2008.
Time: 5 pm, "sharpish".
QM: Harshvardhan Bhatkuly
Flavour: Everything under the Sun.
Who can participate: Everyone under the Sun. If you haven't participated before and need to be convinced, call me on 9890141715.
Venue: Savoir Faire office, Mala.
How to get there: If you're driving on Rua de Ourem from the Panaji side, turn right after People's High School and then take the second right that goes up to the High Court. About halfway up a steepish slope, on the right side is a double-storied building with a spiral staircase in the front, almost on the road. A short climb up that staircase should, allowing for any slight disorientation that spiral staircases are wont to produce, land you at the main door of Savoir Faire.
Here is the wikimapia link. For the geographically-challenged, call Hash on 9890983826.


Gaurav Kenkre said...

hi i am just an amateur quizzer!
i have been to quizzes conducted by rajiv n harsh n must say hey were the most technically sound quizzes ever. This SEQC concept is just what i was looking for!!!
I have 2 questions:

1. Whens this years edition of Monginis Quiz? (if any)( am graduating this year so its my last chance !!!)

2. can i come just to Watch SEQ??(I am not prepared to make a fool out of myself as yet!!!)


-Gaurav Kenkre

Rajiv D'Silva said...

Hi Gaurav,
1. The Mongini's Quiz kicks off this week, in fact. The first one is in Margao on the 14th. I'm due to post a detailed schedule on this blog sometime today.
2. If you're coming anyway, why don't you participate? Dont' worry, there are plenty of 'fools' (me included, sometimes) at the SEQC! The next one will be held on the 14th December. Watch this space for deatils.

Hope to see you at both quizzes, then.