Monday, October 6, 2008

SEQC Quiz 5 results

Quiz 5 was another enjoyable one, with Ameya laying out a spread of delectable posers that kept everybody on their toes till the very end. That, and an equally delectable spread of 'Made in Mardol' snacks more than made up for the fact that this was the first 'dry' SEQC quiz (and I'm not talking about the questions).

The complete results:
1st - Rajiv D'Silva & Janice Figueiredo (140 pts)
2nd - Anniruddha Sen Gupta & Deepika Figueiredo (125)
3rd - Harshvardhan Bhatkuly & Tallulah D'Silva (80)
4th - Vidhyadhar Gadgil & Renuka Figueiredo (75)
5th - Anjali Sen Gupta, C. G. Nitash & C. G. Niyati (70)
6th - Savio Figueiredo & Mariette Correa (15)

Annie's second-place finish sees him open up a narrow lead at the top of the table, but Nitash, Vidyadhar, Anjali & yours truly are hot on his heels like a pack of hounds...
Hash has volunteered to host the next quiz on the 9th of November at the Savoir Faire office. Details will follow in due course.

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