Sunday, September 28, 2008

SEQC Quiz 5

This weekend, the SEQC jamboree moves to the Novas Conquistas for the first time, with Quiz 5 being held in the sleepy temple village of Mardol. Those Mardolkars not used to their Sunday evening peace and quiet being shattered by a score or so of loud-mouthed quizzers will just have to grin and bear it, one fears.

Date: 5th October 2008.
Time: 5.00 pm.
QM: Ameya Mardolkar.
Flavour: General, as usual.
Who can participate: Everybody and his uncle.
Venue: Ameya's place, Mardol.
How to get there in six easy steps:
1) Start car/bike/preferred mode of transport.
2) Get on NH 4A to Ponda. (Assuming you're driving from the Panjim side)
3) After the Kundaim plateau, take the road that forks off to the right towards Mardol/Mangeshi.
4) Drive straight to the famed Mahalsa Temple.
5) Take the next right that goes to Madkai.
6) 200 mts later look out for the familiar figure of Ameya waiting on the road.

Alternatively, check it out on wikimapia and work it out yourself.
If all else fails, call Ameya on 9823171842.

If anybody needs a ride from Panjim/Porvorim, call me on 9890141715 or Anjali on 9860089733. If there are enough takers we can even hire a bus, with the added incentive of Annie putting up a 'One for the Road' quiz en route. What can be more tempting?

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