Tuesday, May 29, 2012

QPL -- Road to the Finals

So the four teams that will face off against each other in the Finals of the Quizzing Premier League (QPL) competition have been identified:
  • Slouchers: Anil Rodrigues*, Srijit K, Ajey Patil and Akshay S. Rege (Priority 1 and 2 substitutes: Julian D'Costa, Lea Rebello)
  • Poders: Rajiv D'Silva*, Jatan Rodrigues, Mahesh Prabhu and Agastya Keni (Priority 1 and 2 substitutes: none)
  • Tubelights: Nitish Wagle*, Kalpana Satarkar, Anjali Sen Gupta and Leroy Veloso (Priority 1 and 2 substitutes: Anand P.S., Ashwin Mascarenhas)
  • Gaurs: Paul Gatward*, Tallulah D'Silva, Parind Phadte and Soham Gaunekar (Priority 1 and 2 substitutes: Amey)
A total of 55 participants have been part of the 13 teams at different stages of the competition, in addition to four who appeared in the Selections Trials but weren't available when their respective teams took the field. 

One person, Lara Pereira, has appeared for three different teams as a result of the substitution policy. Sadly for her, in none of those cases has the team got through to the next stage. 

Though several teams got second chances during the course of the tournament, the road to the Finals for the four qualifying teams has been quite smooth, perhaps underlining the likelihood that they are, after all, the four best teams in the competition. 

The Slouchers won their opening round match, beating the Tubelights by just 6 points, and also won their Semi-final match, this time more comfortably.

The Poders were runners-up in both their matches -- to the Gaurs in the opening round, and to the Slouchers in the Semis.

The Tubelights, having been pipped at the post in their opening-round match, then turned the tables in the Semis, defeating the Gaurs by a mere 4 points.

From these three facts, any lover of logic problems will easily be able to see that the Gaurs, too, have won one match and been second in the other, so far.

Also of note is the fact that none of the teams from the opening round Match 3 and the subsequent Play-off match have made it to the Finals. 

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