Tuesday, March 26, 2024

The Devil take the Hindmost Leg 1 - 24/March/2024 - results

The Devil take the Hindmost (DttH) quiz series got off to a buzzy beginning on Sunday, March 24. Rajiv built up a substantial lead in the opening written round, which got slowly gnawed away at by the other competitors, but they never managed to dislodge him from top spot. At the end of four evidently harrowing rounds, he finished with 223 points. Srijit and Shashwat were in hand-to-hand combat till the very last round, in which a couple of quick buzzes saw Srijit pull through to 2nd place with 191 points, with Shashwat finishing 3rd on 175.5. Doc rounded off the top 4 with 155, at one point hitting a hat-trick of buzzer questions that should put some fear in the belly of his rivals for the upper echelons in future Legs.

Here's the Leaderboard at the end of Leg 1:

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