Monday, August 4, 2008

SEQC Season 1, Quiz 3

That was another enjoyable evening! Many thanks to Hash for a great quiz which was right up there in terms of quality and also parity, I must say. Also great to note that the alcohol content of the quiz was right up there too, the poisons this time being led by some great Coorgi pineapple wine. Cheers to that!

The results:
1st: "Sensex" (Annie) - 13 pts.
2nd: "Gadgil Formula" (Vidyadhar & Niyati) - 10 pts
3rd: "The Silva Lining" (Rajiv) - 9 pts
Joint 4th: "Savio Faire" (Savio & P.D.) and "Goa Mariott" (Mariette & Ameya) - 8 pts
6th: "Nitash ke patte" (Nitash & Anjali) - 6 pts

Which means that Annie has re-taken the lead at the the top of the league table, with the Correa-Gadgils hot on his heels...(For those who came in late, league points are awarded as follows: 5 pts for a 1st place, 4 for 2nd, 3 for 3rd and 1 for participating. 2 pts are awarded to the quizmaster)

The next quiz will be conducted by yours truly on the 31st August 2008. Be there!

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