Monday, July 7, 2008

The second SEQC quiz on 6 July

(from a post by Rajiv)
Another enjoyable evening of quizzing, thanks to a wonderful quiz by Annie and the hospitality of our hosts Vidyadhar & Mariette. In fact, in the last couple of rounds we were actually QUI (you're all quizzers, you can work that out) and I for one seemed to perform better. Not good enough, though, to thwart the father & son duo from winning handsomely. For those of you who weren't there, I'm sure Annie will have the quiz up on the group site soon.

1st place - Vidyadhar & Nitash (22 pts.)
2nd place - Ameya & Anjali (14)
3rd place - Mariette & Rajiv (11)
4th place - Tallulah & Harsh (6)
5th place - Savio & Janice (4)
6th place - Sujay, Niyati, Deepika & Renuka (3)

The league table after two quizzes looks like this, with the Correa-Gadgils showing signs of doing a Ferrari on us. Well, we've a long way to go, the fat lady hasn't even begun clearing her throat yet ;)

The next SEQC quiz will be held on the 3rd August 2008. Harsh has volunteered to be the QM and host us at the Savoir Faire office in Panjim. Detailed directions will come eventually from the man himself.

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