Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Do you know what it's like to be 'In The Zone'?

Every year, the SEQC calendar includes at least one 'series' – a quiz competition that is played out over several weekends spread out over a few months. This year, we're doing something we're calling 'In The Zone – The SEQC all-Goa Regional Championship'.

The idea is to form teams which are city- or region-specific, and have them battle it out against each other in quiz 'matches' held at different locations in the state.

The immediate need is to get a fix on the participants. Once we know who all are participating, we will divide them into teams based on geographical locations.

The teams will be finalised by an SEQC core group, but we will as far as possible try and keep friends and family together. Our intention in forming the teams will be limited to ensuring that skill levels are fairly balanced across squads, to the extent possible.

So all those who are keen to participate, please send a mail to seqcgoa@gmail.com, with the subject 'Registration for In The Zone', mentioning the name(s), age(s), address and contact number(s) of the participant(s).

Registration requests must be received by midnight on Friday, September 6. The team compositions and tournament format will be decided over the weekend. The first matches will be held on the next weekend (September 14-15). 

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