Tuesday, June 5, 2012

QPL Finals -- scores

An action-packed Final brought the Quizzing Premier League (QPL) to a close on Saturday, June 2. The match was enlivened by the teams going in with props and 'uniforms', and some even raising an infernal racket. The field, as it has been in some earlier matches, was split into two early on, with two teams surging ahead, and two lagging behind. It stayed that way till close to the finish, with hand-wringingly close contests at either end which each only got resolved in the last round. In the end, the Poders, led by Rajiv D'Silva, brought home the bread, edging out the Slouchers with their politicians' caps and lackadaisical attitudes. The final scores:

1st: Poders (Rajiv D'Silva*, Mahesh Prabhu, Agastya Keni and Jatan Rodrigues) -- 165 points
2nd: Slouchers (Anil Rodrigues*, Srijit Kumar, Ajey Patil and super-sub Atharva Joshi) -- 147 points
3rd: Tubelights (Nitish Wagle*, Anjali Sen Gupta, Leroy Veloso and Kalpana Satarkar) -- 107 points
4th: Gaurs (Paul Gatward*, Tallulah D'Silva, Parind Phadte and Soham Gaunekar) -- 81 points

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