Tuesday, January 13, 2009

There Will Be Blood

A report on the January 2009 quiz

'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves... No, sorry, that's a different story.

This story is set in Aldona, and is remarkable for the number of new characters it introduces to the cast of the Sunday Evening Quiz Club. Sirish (whose presence was thanks to a chance meeting with Annie at an early-morning illicit fish stall), Kaushik, Walter, Kanwarjeet, Anant, Eirik and Sandhya were all making their debut, and some others -- Pravin, Sunil, Yashodara -- had only attended one SEQC quiz prior to this one. To top it all, Savio was a virgin as far as SEQC QMing is concerned.

So much new blood in the new year, some blood-letting was to be expected. But though he'd vowed 'Revenge', Savio turned out to be not as bloodthirsty as expected. More omphaloskeptic (look up the July 2008 quiz, in case you're wondering) -- his themed rounds focussed on personal preferences, which evidently didn't match those of the loudly-protesting PD. So we wound our way through 'dogs' and 'pharmacy' towards the promise of 'sex', but were cruelly let down when that turned out to be some punk Pistols shooting blanks and a rooster with a falsetto voice.

Sidebar: You know the difference between a young boy and an old man? One has a falsetto voice and the other has a false set o' teeth. Bet you expected that to be dirty, Mariette :-D

In the final analysis, the questions were eye-opening, the competition was nail-biting (see the final scores below), Savio's lead-ins were head-scratching and the spread, thanks to Janice, was waist-enlarging. A sensuous, sensual treat to start 2009 off.

PS. Shouldn't forget Breezer, who breezed in and out from time to time, garnering squeals from some and screams from others.

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Luis Dias said...

Great quiz, Savio, and great post, Annie.

Like everyone else, I too enjoyed the pre-question preamble. Especially the line.."So the logical question to follow that would be...but I'm not going to ask you that!"

Also enjoyed Breezer's presence almost as much as Vikram, if such a thing is possible.