Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Live quizzes in January

SEQC will officially kick off its new season (#13, after an extended Year 12) this month, with the BiG Q on Sunday the 17th. This will, as always, be a solo written quiz, aimed at identifying the awkwardly but appropriately named Best-in-Goa Quizzer. The quiz will run from 5pm onwards, and have Rajiv D'Silva as QuizMaster.

Later the same evening, once darkness falls, Annie Sen Gupta will run a version of Akela, another solo quiz, but this time off a projected set of questions (which means with visuals, audio, and video content).

A fortnight later (on the 31st), we will try our hand at the first of our quizzes since Covid struck to have teams. Called Ménages à Trois, this will be a quiz for pre-formed teams of 3, but with certain conditions that will be announced at a suitable date and time. 

If we don't all immediately add to the Covid numbers in the state after that, we will then take a call on how to deal with February.

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