Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Streams of Consciousness 3: Science - 20/Dec/2020 - results

Turnout for the Science stream of the Streams of Consciousness series was even better than that for the Arts quiz a month earlier, with 33 people answering the written Round 1. Luckily, we had anticipated that and printed extra question papers, and even then they barely sufficed.

By the time the night wore down, there were clear-cut divisions at the top. JK finished 1st with 158.5 points, warmly pursued by Rajiv at 135 points. Competition for places 3 and 4 was far hotter, with Delson finally failing to overturn Ajey's 2.5-point lead going into the Top 4. Ajey finished with 100, to Delson's 97.5.

Top 4
1st: J Krishnamurthi - 158.5 points
2nd: Rajiv D'Silva - 135 points
3rd: Ajey Patil - 100 points
4th: Delson Roche - 97.5 points

Positions 5-9: Nitish (81.5), Suraj (70.5), Viola (65.5), Doc Shekhar (58), Anjali (48.5)

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