Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Streams of Consciousness - solo long-format competition

Streams of Consciousness (SoC) is the Sunday Evening Quiz Club (SEQC)'s solo long-format competition for 2019-20. It will be held over three Sundays -- one each in March, April, and May.

The SoC concept derives from the understanding that different quizzers are good at different subjects, and will attempt to let each have their day in the sun. It will therefore, unlike our usual past solo series contests, not have elimination from one event to the next. That is to say, regardless of how you do on the first day of the 'Exams' (or even if you miss it), you can come back on the following days and show your mettle.

The quiz will be divided into three Streams -- mirroring those you choose for higher education: Commerce, Arts, and Sciences. Subjects covered in each Stream will reflect these major headings, but with a generous degree of flexibility.

Each day's performance will give participants points, and the aggregate of points at the end of the three Exams will determine individuals' final rankings.

The events are open to all.

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