Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Announcing Game Set Match long-format competition

Every year, the Sunday Evening Quiz Club has two long-format competitions, where participants battle it out in teams or individually over the course of several months to eventually identify a winner.

The first of this year's competitions will be held over three or four Sundays (depending on the number of teams that register) in October, November and December. The first Matches will be held on Sunday October 14.

So rush and send in your names for participation. You can ideally send in fully formed Teams (preferable) or individual Wild Card registrations. After the last date of registration, I shall round up the Wild Cards and combine them into Teams of my own choosing.

To register, send an email to mentioning 'Game Set Match registration' in the subject line, stating the Team name, the name of the Team Captain, and the name of the remaining Players (2 or 3). To register as a Wild Card, send the email with the same subject line, mentioning in the body of the message that you would like to be put into a Team. All registrations must be received by 5pm on Monday October 8.

UPDATE: Registration extended till 5pm on Friday October 12.

Here are the rules for forming Teams:
a. Teams can consist of 3 or 4 players each.
b. Have a look at the two lists below. A Team can have a maximum of 1 Seed OR 2 Seedlings.
c. Every team has to have at least one male and one female player.
d. Every team has to have a designated Captain.

You are encouraged to bring in new quizzers, especially female ones, or bring back those who have been missing from quizzes for some time.

Based on the number of teams formed, I will work out the actual competition format, byes, rounds, matches, etc.


Seeds: JK, Rajiv, Gadgil, Nitish, Doc Shekhar, Dev
Seedlings: Ajey, Harsh Hegde, Harsh Bhatkuly, Srijit, Arvind, Ira Prem

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