Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Master, Mind It! - 16/Oct/2016 - Round 1 (Panjim) Results

Each quizzer selected a topic based on which questions were set by the QuizMaster, Aniruddha Sen Gupta.

Match 1
Ajey Patil - Weather Phenomena
Delson Roche - Stamps of Independent India
Anjali SenGupta - Medieval Indian History

Match 2
Chirag Mutgi - Comics
Sanjay Parab - Bollywood Movies
Vidyadhar Gadgil - 20th Century Political Revolutions
Mahesh Prabhu - Indian Politics

Match 3
Srijit Kumar - Superheroes
Madhura Chakraborty - Cats and Dogs
Sunil Sardessai - Hindu Mythology
Anant Sridhar Prabhu - Indian Cricket

1 comment:

SrijitZ™ said...

Correction! My topic was superheroes and Chirags was comics.