Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Master, Mind It! first-round draw

The draw for the first round of the Master, Mind It! competition was held on Sunday, August 7. With two late entrants -- Madhura and Harsh Bhatkuly -- we have a full roster of 24 on board. These 24 were slotted, on the basis of a seeded draw, into six Matches, three to be held in Panjim on October 16 and three in Margao on October 30. 

Panjim, October 16

Match 1: Tanmay, Delson, Ajey and Harsh Bhatkuly (did someone say 'Group of Death'?)
Match 2: Sanjay, Gadgil, Chirag and Mahesh
Match 3: Sunil, Anant, Srijit and Madhura

Margao, October 30

Match 1: Nitish, Anjali, Paul and Kanchan
Match 2: Ameya, Gouthami, Harsh Hegde and Tejan
Match 3: Rajiv, Suraj, Sahil and Viola

As mentioned, the winner of each of these Matches will qualify for the Semis, along with the two highest-scoring second-placed quizzers across the six Matches.

To answer a question several people have asked me, quizzers' Chosen Subjects will only be revealed on the day of their quiz. Participants are requested not to reveal them in advance.

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