Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Master, Mind It!

Enna dai rascallas! Are you thinking to take me on? Me, Twin Gun Gurugun? This is no foolish play, wokay? This is serious business, mind it!

From October to December, I will be quizzing you and quizzing you like nobody's business. And with twin guns itself. One gun will have bullets on your chosen subject, the other on general knowledge-aa. But this is no boring BBC format, wokay? Full Technicolor action with picture, sound, video that will make your head spin only.

If you are ready for challenge, send me email at (only this ID, MIND IT!!!) telling what subject you want. Annnny subject I will take, but broad level, wokay? No "Works of Tulsidas", rather "Classical Indian Literature". Got it? Tell three subjects with order of preference.

Send mail (to, got it?) by July 15. This quiz preparation is no joke, and I will need time. Don't be late, I say!

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