Wednesday, April 13, 2016

SEQC Half-Open continues

The second Episode of SEQC's ongoing quiz series, the SEQC Half-Open, will be held at the Urban Health Centre in Margao on Sunday April 17, starting 5pm. The quiz is for teams of 3 (or in specific cases, 4), and more information about it can be gleaned from these prior posts:
The current standings in the series are as listed here:
Teams that have participated in Episode 1 will need to appear with the same members. No substitutions are permitted, so if any member(s) is / are unable to attend, the remaining will represent the team, even if that involves a single-member team.

New participants are welcome to join in. New teams can pre-register by sending a mail to listing the team name and the names of all team members. New teams that pre-register will get a 2-point pre-registration bonus in the Round 1 Eliminator. 

As you can see from the points system, a team that misses a single Episode will still have a decent chance of qualifying for the Finals if it does well in the other two Episodes, so I would strongly urge those who couldn't participate in Episode 1 to form teams and make it to Margao.

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