Thursday, January 14, 2016

QuizStock 2016 -- pictures

QuizStock 2016 was the biggest one we've had so far. Some 20-25 outstation participants -- most of them of the top calibre -- showed up, and sat through most of the six quizzes on offer. Local participation was also good, and from all reports, it seems evident that everyone enjoyed themselves.

Gratitude is due to many:
  • All those who showed up and participated, both local and outstation.
  • The sponsors -- various donors within SEQC, as well as the Mario Gallery and Cotton King.
  • The International Centre Goa, which continues to show us unstinting support. In particular, Arjun, Teja, Galileo, and the indefatigable staff.
  • Ashwin Kumar and the family of Dr V.R. Muralidharan, for suggesting and supporting the idea of a trophy named after our beloved Doc M, given to the winners of the Goa Open.
  • Lynn Barreto Miranda, who used his magical powers to make the trophy appear in a jiffy.
  • All the quizmasters -- Lynn again, Vidyadhar Gadgil, Sanjay Parab, Rajiv D'Silva and Nitish Wagle, who put together some great content. 
  • Anjali Sen Gupta, for running down some high-quality audience prizes and for efficiently managing scoring throughout.
  • Kanchan Gatward, for brewing tea and snacks on Day 2, and for back-up scoring.
  • Delson Roche and Anant Sridhar Prabhu for taking the photos you see below.
  • [This space left open, with apologies, for anyone else whom I've forgotten.]
Here are some photos of the quizzes.

Lynn kicked things off with the Year That Was Quiz

Early Saturday morning, but a decent turn-out all the same

Delsonian special effects gives the quiz some dynamism

Next up was Gadgil with the Books Quiz

Chewing on the questions at the Books Quiz

Winners of the Books Quiz (in the photo: Vibhendu Tiwari and Rajiv Rai)

1st Runners-up of the Books Quiz (in the photo: Annie Sen Gupta, whose teammates had gone AWOL)

2nd Runners-up of the Books Quiz (in the photo: Abhishek Upadhyaya, also deserted by his comrades)

Annie with his dog-butt desktop

Waiting for the Goa Open prelims to begin

The sponsor slide at the start of the Goa Open

The Dr V.R. Muralidharan Memorial Trophy, awarded this year to the winners of the Goa Open...

...which happened to be this team consisting of Rajiv Rai, Vibhendu Tiwari and Srinath Bhashyam. Doc M's nephew-in-law Ashwin Kumar, originator of the idea for the tribute joins in

1st Runners-up of the Goa Open: Anustup, Udupa and Logic

2nd Runners-up of the Goa Open: Suresh, Ingit and Anannya

Sanjay Parab made an action-packed debut as QM at QuizStock

The Bollywood Quiz on Sunday morning, with several participants claiming various stages of hangovers

Rajiv laying down the law about the Travel Quiz... all those who will listen

Winners of the Travel Quiz: Rajiv Rai, Srinath and Vibhendu
1st Runners-up of the Travel Quiz: Aditya, Ingit and Anannya
2nd Runners-up at the Travel Quiz: Ashwin, Bhargava and JK

Winners of the Sports Quiz: Captain, Hrishi and Praveen

1st Runners-up at the Sports Quiz: Gadre, Suvojit and Srinath
2nd Runners-up at the Sports Quiz: JK, Ashwin and Bhargava, tied with Udupa and Anustup

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Anonymous said...

Not that in the larger scheme of things it matters too much, having collected the loot and the live claps, but just for posterity's sake, can you correct the results of the Travel Quiz? Srinath, Vibhendu and Rajiv won that quiz.