Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New format for IIQ 2014 Open edition

The Incredible India Quizzes (IIQ), one of SEQC's marquee events, will be held as always on August 15 at the International Centre Goa. This marks the 5th year for this hugely popular double quiz. This year, the Schools edition, to start at 2pm, will be conducted by Rajiv D'Silva, and the Open edition, slotted for 5pm, will be done by me (Annie Sen Gupta).

As we go into the 5th edition of IIQ, I'm planning some radical changes in the way the Open edition is formatted.

The prelims will be held on an individual basis. The top 15 scorers will then be divided into teams of three, using the traditional seeding pattern (Team 1 will consist of finishers 1, 10 and 11; Team 2 will be made up of 2, 9 and 12; then 3, 8 and 13, and so on). Though there will be one less team on stage this time, the number of individual quizzers making it onstage will go up from 12 to 15.

There will be another additional twist to the selection, which I will reveal during the quiz itself.

Hopefully, this system will make for a more even competition, and improved chances for all participants.

To make the prelims more than a matter of chance, I intend to make it a 35-question paper, to be completed in 20 minutes. The 35 questions will cover all subject areas, again hopefully creating a level playing field.

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