Sunday, January 19, 2014

QuizStock 2014 – a short report

SEQC's quizzing festival, QuizStock 2014, passed rather tamely this time. Turnouts were low, though the quizzing was great. There were a handful of outstation teams, with quizzers from Mumbai, Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad adding to the local contingent. Strangely, it was the lattermost that was more sparse than one would expect. Does make those of us who put these events together question the value of doing so.

The two JKs (siblings J.K. Lakshmi and J. Krishnamurthi Rao from Hyderabad) performed brilliantly, between them winning most of the events they were a part of, including the flagship quiz of the festival, the Goa Open. Local teams also did well, winning a couple of quizzes, while the Mumbaikars ensured podium finishes in all the events.

Many thanks to those who helped make QuizStock possible – to begin with, our generous cash sponsors (who would remain anonymous), and to Kanchan Gatward and Rajiv D'Silva for rousting out prizes at short notice. Prizes came in from Pan-Asian Bowl, Hallmark, Home Depot, Farmers' Choice and the Gatwards themselves. We're always grateful to the International Centre Goa (ICG) for allowing us the use of what many have called the best venue they've ever quizzed in. This time around, they were also generous enough to donate prizes in the form of free stay packages. Finally, many thanks to QMs Rajiv and Nitish, and to all those who did land up, from Goa and other places.

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