Wednesday, October 9, 2013

ITZ Group Stage second-leg matches – revised format

Based on feedback from the opening matches, there are a few variations being planned in the quiz format for the second-leg matches of the competition. Here's the revised structure:

-- Round 1. Target Practice: Normal passing round x 2, 12 clockwise, 10/5 points per question, no negatives
-- Round 2. Aim and Shoot: 9 India-specific questions from a grid of topics (each team to choose three), on first strike, +10/-5 points per question on buzzer, 10 points on normal passing (5 clockwise, 4 anti-clockwise), no negatives
-- Round 3. Home and Away: 4 questions each on four subjects, as provided by each team (teams will be asked in advance to provide subject areas). Answers to be written down by all teams. 5 points per question, with a bonus of 10 points for getting all four right. Applies to both Home and Away teams. -5 points to the Home team for getting any answer wrong that any of the Away teams answers correctly.
-- Round 4. Recurve: Normal passing round x 2, 12 anti-clockwise, 10/5 points per question, no negatives
-- Round 5. Bull's Eye: 4 questions with 4 clues to each, on the buzzer. +20/15/10/5 for getting it correct; -10 for wrong answer throughout, except at the end, when there's no negative.

Changes made from previous stage

Round 1. Instead of 6 questions clockwise, 6 anti-clockwise, all 12 questions will pass clockwise.
Round 2. Instead of the buzzer and pounce system, this round will be on first strike.
Round 3. No change.
One aspect that needs clarification here is when all the teams' specialised subjects are revealed. This will be done prior to the teams' changeover between rounds. That is, first all the three specialised subjects will be announced, then the teams can decide their onstage four.
Round 4. New round introduced, same as Round 1, but going the other way.
Round 5. Points system changed.

In addition, each team will have four 'BenchMarks', which they will be able to play at any time during Rounds 1 and 4. The BenchMark will allow the team to get an answer from the Bench for a given question. The Bench member(s) should simply raise their arm if they think they know an answer, and it is up to the onstage four to decide whether or not to play their BenchMark on that particular question.

The team gets the standard 10 points if the Bench answers correctly, -5 if it's wrong.

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