Monday, October 28, 2013

ITZ Group Stage Match 6 – report and results

In a pulsating finale to the group stage of the ITZ tournament, the three-man Panjim Psmartypants won the day, but it wasn't enough to prevent the Aldona Ambotik team from entering the Final of the tournament. The 50-point cushion that the North Goa team carried into the second leg was sufficient to see them through, and send the Panjim team into a Play-off that will see Rajiv D'Silva and Harsh Bhatkuly – otherwise almost unseparable as a team – up against each other.

A highlight of Match 6 was certainly the sublime venue – Arco Iris, the home of Bennita and Ganesh Subramaniam, and home venue of the South Goa Leftovers team – was the latest in the sequence of beautiful settings SEQC has managed to have quizzes in.

Match 6 (Green Group leg 2)
QM: Lynn Barreto Miranda

1st: Panjim Psmartypants (Nitish Wagle*, Harsh Bhatkuly, Soham Gaunekar) – 160 points
2nd: Aldona Ambotik (Aniruddha Sen Gupta*, Anjali Sen Gupta, Delson Roche, K.V. Gouthami, Leroy Veloso, Neha Salgaonkar, Ramchandra Salgaonkar) – 130
3rd: South Goa Leftovers (Mahesh Prabhu*, Bennita Ganesh, Ganesh Subramaniam, Savio Victoria, Tanmay Naik) – 55

Green Group final standings
1st: Aldona Ambotik (270)
2nd: Panjim Psmartypants (250)
3rd: South Goa Leftovers (125)

Through to the finals: Aldona Ambotik
In the play-off: Panjim Psmartypants

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