Monday, June 3, 2013

Ta da da daaa – happy 5th!

SEQC started its sixth year with a humdinger of a quiz set by Rajiv D'Silva. It was long and challenging, but interesting as his quizzes always are.

The continuing success of SEQC is due to many people. Let me name a few specifically who've added zest to our lives with their contributions over the months:
* Dr Chandrashekhar Rao, who arranged all the way from Dubai for us to have a 5th birthday cake at hand yesterday.
* Kanchan Gatward who is now regularly baking a delicious cake to replace the bland Mongini's sponge cakes for our mid-quiz breaks (let's see if this year we can rid ourselves of their patties as well).
* Anil Rodrigues for starting the trend of putting up a 'book jumble sale' at each quiz to add to the kitty funds, and Paul-Kanchan and Conrad Fernandes for continuing the tradition. I've heard that others plan to keep this going, which is great!
* Anjali Sen Gupta for diligently and cheerily attending to accounts, snacks and beverages, and any other organisational task that is bunged her way.
* Those like Tallulah D'Silva, Ira Almeida, Mahesh Prabhu and Ameya Mardolkar who are willing to don the mantle of organiser/proctor so that the rest of us can indulge our quizzing desires.
* Nandini Sahai and Arjun Halarnkar at ICG for giving us a home, no questions asked. The ICG staff for running things uncomplainingly even when our events go on later than planned.
* All those others who have QMed, funded (anonymously and otherwise), rounded up funds, organised or even participated at our events.

It's been a long, not-so-strange trip the last five years. Moving forward, let's keep things SEQC!

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