Monday, April 30, 2012

QPL Match 3 results

Match 3 of the Quizzing Premier League (QPL), held in Margao on April 28, went through the same exciting ups and downs as the previous matches had. The learning curves on the Dumb Charades and Password rounds seem to be getting less steep, and some of the new teams took to the new format with gusto. Here are the results:

1st: Washouts (Andy Carvalho*, Suraj Kamat, Soniya Vengurlekar and Wyl Coutinho) - 229 points
2nd: Couch Potatoes (Shubham Tiwari*, Kunal Naik and Nitish Fatarpekar) - 191 points
3rd: Avengers (Shashwat Salgaonkar*, S. Varun Kumar and Kanchan Gatward) - 183 points
4th: Bloody B@@skets (Harsh Hegde*, Ashwin Kumar, Nathan Moniz and Julia Talaulikar) - 167 points
5th: Cerebral Blast (Sanjay Parab*, Sahil Ramchandani, Kalpana Satarkar and Lynn Barreto Miranda) - 52 points

Washouts and Couch Potatoes make it through to the Semi-finals.

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