Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A league of our own

This summer, the IPL may be setting television screens on fire, but the International Centre Goa will resound to the cheers, tears and fireworks of the Quizzing Premier League, the QPL!

The Sunday Evening Quiz Club (SEQC), Goa's flourishing quizzing community, brings you a nerve-tingling, mind-boggling, soul-searching event combining general knowledge with word games and other antics.

The QPL is open for all to participate in, and there is no entry fee. Just land up on Sunday March 11 at 5pm, take the prelims and get ready to rumble. Teams will be set up based on prelims scores, and first-round matches will follow immediately afterwards. Matches will be held on four or five Sundays over March, April and May.


Sajan said...

Tears and fireworks apart, how exactly is this different from the usual Sunday Evening Quiz? If you are planning to auction the players, could I put in a bid for Julian, Rajiv or Annie?

Anniesen said...

It's going to have teams of three or four (depending on turnout), fighting it out against one another in contests that will include not only quiz rounds, but also other things like word games, dumb charades, etc. There won't be any bidding -- team selections will be on the basis of prelims scores.

Anniesen said...

I considered the bidding funda, with limits based on prelims points. But then you'd have to have 'owners' and all that, and it just seemed too complicated.