Friday, December 10, 2010

Sponsors required for Goa Open prizes

It's been our intention to make the Goa Open an event that attracts quizzers from all over India. Two major factors are already in the bag in this respect -- a high-quality quiz is guaranteed, and there's always the charm of coming to Goa. The third -- great prizes -- is something we've been struggling to put together.

We've managed to collect a reasonably good haul of prizes in kind -- stay offers at hotels, meals at top restaurants, salon treatments, book coupons, things like that. But the cash component we were hoping to put together for the prizes have proved to be more elusive. We have now decided to try another route -- crowdsourcing.

We'd like to appeal to anyone who's interested in propagating the cause of a knowledge culture in Goa to put their hands up, and donate anything from Rs 1,000 to Rs 10,000 for us to put together a sizeable pot. This will all be distributed as prizes for the teams that participate, or used for essential production costs. To whoever's reading this: we hope you will support us, and will also send this message onwards to other people who might be willing to contribute for the cause.

Pledges can be made by e-mail to Anjali Sen Gupta (, who handles finances for SEQC, or to the SEQC mailbox ( You can also call or SMS Anjali at 9860089733 to pledge a contribution. She will then get in touch with you about how, when and where to transfer the money. Contributions will be welcome in cash, by cheque or Demand Draft made out to Anjali's name, or by electronic transfer to her account.

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