Sunday, December 26, 2010

Shootout at Dona Paula

A review of the Twenty Paces round 1 matches by Anjali Sen Gupta

The second round of the preliminaries was as exciting as the first one. The audience had come prepared to see violence and gore, and they got their money’s worth! Each match had the audience cheering and rooting for the players.

The first match saw Amit being ousted by Akash after some tense back ’n’ forth by the two. Ameya then met his end at the hands of Shubham. And then there was a perceptible tension in the air as the QM, Rajiv D’Silva, announced the next match, perhaps the most eagerly-awaited one of the evening.

A hush descended as Mahesh and Paul walked to their appointed places. The two took aim… points went flying back and forth… as the dust settled, the onlookers saw that it was Paul who had survived.

In the other shoot-outs, Sachin downed Ashwin, Prajakt won against Sahil, Kanchan went down fighting to Annie, Anil lost to Shashwat, and Paola beat Mangesh.

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