Friday, December 10, 2010

Blast from the past

A report on the December 2010 SEQC monthly

In starting off on this report, I decided to check back on when Harsh Bhatkuly, a founder-member of SEQC, had last conducted a monthly at the club. I knew it had been a while, but the answer astonished me nevertheless. The last SEQC monthly that Harsh conducted was in November 2008! That was much before the SEQC monthlies moved to their permanent address at the CCP Building. It was held at his Savoir Faire office in Mala. All of 9 people participated!

Compare that to how it's been at the more recent monthlies -- the November 2010 one had 60 participants, the October edition had 59 and the September one set the record with 71. The December monthly wasn't quite as well-attended, but still a quantum leap from the last one that Harsh conducted.

By his own admission, Harsh's quiz lacked the vintage flavour that most of his quizzes have. All the other ventures he now has his fingers in -- Harsh is rapidly becoming Goa's big media baron -- perhaps prevented him from devoting as much time as he normally might to a quiz. Still, Harsh being who he is, it was a quiz that everyone enjoyed, and that most people found both accessible and challenging enough to stimulate their brains.

It was a close-fought affair, but Annie's team squeezed through in top position, beating off a couple of close challengers.

December has a lot more quizzing for people to look ahead to, with MegaWhats, the Goa Open and the remaining first-round matches of Twenty Paces coming up on subsequent weekends. It is the winter of our content.

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