Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Putting on weight

SEQC is showing an alarmingly familiar growth pattern. We started off in June 2008 as a slim 14-member group. Till the end of 2008, we hovered around that weight, barring the usual seasonal fluctuations. Then, as the new calendar year approached, we started growing, moving into the 20s. The next growth spurt was when we reached adulthood, so to speak, having completed our first year as a club. We moved out of the homes we'd been living in, and moved to our 'own place' at the Corporation Hall in Panjim and started topping 30 in numbers. Steady growth ensued, and the latest monthly quiz -- conducted by Rajiv D'Silva on September 5 -- certainly heralded the coming of middle age. A sudden expansion occurred -- our number shot up to over 60 -- and we found we no longer fit in our chairs.

As I said, an alarmingly familiar growth pattern -- I seem to remember going through the exact same thing myself!

However, what was not such a welcome trend in my case is great as far as SEQC is concerned. The bigger and fatter we get, the wider the spread of quizzing in Goa. And that can't be bad.

The quiz itself wasn't as chaotic as it could have been, given the number of participants. Okay, in some teams, members were having to walk from one side of the team to the other to discuss answers, but other than that, it was reasonably smooth sailing. Rajiv conducted a crisp, exciting event -- one that everyone could relate to and yet learn from. The main competition was largely between Team Ajachi and Team Annie, with the latter edging ahead in the final round (one of two written rounds with an overarching theme).

There's quite a lot of quizzing in the months ahead, and Goa's quiz gluttons should be quite satiated. Here's to a lot more around the middle, guys!

Postscript: Let's not forget, we also had our first canine member this time around though, sadly, I never got around to meeting him or her.

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