Thursday, May 13, 2010

And Quiz-tice for All

A report on the Summer of Quiz 2010 quiz camp, written by participant Jatan Rodrigues

¡Hola and Hi

“We see all kinds of camps... sports camps, nature camps, music camps, overnight camps, military camps and concentration camps... so why not quiz camps?”

Which is obviously what The quiz-tice league®(Amit Shet, Anant Lawande, Adish Talwadker and Navin Pai) thought and came up with the Summer of Quiz 2010.

All of young the señorita’s and señor’s that showed up and made good use of their frontal cortices and their Larynges.

The program started at 5:17 on Monday and lasted 11 hrs, 23 mins, 56 seconds.1 The events were as follows:-

May 10

Two quizzes of very general nature!

The first quiz was a general quiz by Amit Shet and as said by the quiz master the purpose of the quiz was to get into the mood of quizzing. This quiz was nice and as far as difficulty goes I found it moderately average. The second quiz was another general quiz by Anant Lawande, the outstanding feature of this quiz is that it had a progressing difficulty, the first 10 questions were relatively easy and the next 10 were tough. Three teams were tied at the end of the quiz and the QM, unfortunately, did not have tie-breaker question but his sidekicks came to the rescue with 3 tie-breaker questions which decided the winner.

May 11

The second day contained more specialised quizzes, hence naturally, more enjoyable.

Bouncers and Googlies!

The opening quizmaster was again Amit Shet. The quiz was titled “sports quiz” a more fiiting title would be “sport’s quiz for cricket fans”. This quiz was easily dominated by raj’s team which scored 115 with the 2nd place in the 60-70 range.

So Long and thanks for the quiz!

The next quiz was the entertaining entertainment quiz which was done by Adish Talwadker. This quiz dealt mostly with things that are entertaining. (Movies, Books, Music and games) This was an exceedingly excellent quiz.

The day the ICG stood still!

The entertainment quiz was followed by a first time event. The Treasure Hunt by Annie Sen Gupta.

Not so much a quiz but certainly entertaining exciting brain teaser, this new mode of quizzing/hunting was clearly a success with all participants running all over and unanticipated havoc. The codes or clues were fantastic and I assume were set by that particular clue keeper himself. As said above most clues were brain teasers, The number code clue was a Brain TASER and the puzzle clue was a brain insulter.

Post quiz trauma and other various ailments!

Navin is the 1st and only QM (I guess) to say that he is not responsible for any post quiz trauma and other quiz related illnesses. For those of you who have no clue as to what is post quiz trauma; it is an illness which results in severe headaches after too much quizzing, not unlike post quiz-master trauma which results in broken limbs and fractured ribs, severity of this illness depends on how bad the quiz was. But luckily for Navin, the quiz was good, so no post QM trauma. The amazing thing about this quiz is that on a particular question the answer was leaked and the question had to be omitted, but the QM, astonishingly, made an on the spot question on the same comic. The quiz certainly had some weird stuff like Spiderman India.

The die in the sky!

The concluding event was “Around the world in 80 mins” by the legendary QM Annie Sen Gupta.

This was the third time such an event was held. The object of this quiz is to take journey around the world and return home if no team reaches home the team that has travelled farthest wins, however this was the first time in the history of seqc that a team returned home, they achieved this seemingly impossible feat with a little help from the Boatman (quiz master). For every direct question answered the team that answered gets to throw a dice which probably certainly generated more hype than the quiz itself. The content of this quiz was according to the place a team was in. There was close fight between Melville and Tagore at the beginning, after a hat trick(3) of dice throws Melville was in the lead but got stuck in France and they were out of the running. The final standings were Tagore in 1st place, Dickens in 2nd place and Melville in the 3rd place. A fantastic quiz all-in-all.

The event concluded with the distribution of certificates of “quizzitude”. The whole camp was a tremendous success and I can’t wait for another camp like this.

1-This calculation is an accurate approximation or precise estimation.

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