Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The May monster monthly

As announced during the April SEQC monthly, I'm planning to do a monster monthly on Sunday May 2. The SEQC calendar runs from June 1 to May 31, and as such this will be the last monthly of our second year. Here's what is planned:

* 4pm to 5.15pm -- the SEQC Kids Quiz
This will be meant for all school kids (home-schooled students are, of course, also welcome). The way we'll structure this quiz is to have rounds of different levels. The first three rounds of the quiz will have questions of the level of classes 8 and below; the final three rounds of classes 9 to 12 (of course, these will all be approximations, based on what I think students of these classes are likely to know). Though each team will have students of different classes, the younger kids will be encouraged to answer the easier questions and the older kids given a chance to enter the fray if the younger ones fail to answer. If all this sounds confusing, don't worry -- it will be clearer on the day.

Kids are requested to be at the CCP Hall by 3.45pm, as some time will go in dividing participants into appropriate teams. Parents and adults interested in watching will have the opportunity to win audience prizes.

* 5.15pm to 5.30pm: Refreshments break
This time around, there will be no break mid-quiz. We will also use this period to divvy up the teams.

* 5.30pm to 8pm: The SEQC May monthly
This too will be in a graded format, with the first three rounds being 'seedless' ones. I will draw up a list of SEQC members who will, if present, be part of the teams, but not be a direct part of the first three rounds (though they will have their own contribution to make). Again, I'll explain how this will work on the day. The idea is to have some rounds where those who don't always get into the thick of quizzing take centrestage.

With so much at stake, I intend to be very punctual, and barring cosmic upheavals, everything will start on time (or earlier). A bed of coals will be laid outside the main door of the hall, and lit on fire once a quiz begins, so latecomers will have to walk over this if they want to be part of the action.


Jayant Karn said...

i seriously can't miss this one, i'll definately be there!!!!!!!

A.A.J said...

Awesome!! Cant wait for the Kids Quiz!!

Anonymous said...

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