Tuesday, March 30, 2010

SEQC April Quiz

Date: 4th April 2010
Time: 5 pm
QM: Ajachi Chakrabarti
Flavour: General
Venue: CCP Hall, 2nd Floor, CCP Building, Opp. Cafe Central, Panaji
Participation: Open


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Navin Pai said...

we really seem to be getting loads of Chinese friends on this blog eh Rajiv?

Hindi Chini bhai bhai?? :P

Looking forward to the quiz!!

Rajiv D'Silva said...

Yeah Navin,
I wonder what its all about. I have tried running these through Google Translate but it still doesn't make much sense. If you notice, this time the post contains the English words "goa" & "sex". Its just getting curiouser and curioser...

Nicolas de Souza said...

Hi Rajiv,
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