Thursday, February 18, 2010

SEQC Mastermind enters final stage

It all began in October, with 27 contenders. These were whittled down to nine semi-finalists, who battled it out in December. And now, there are three -- three knights of the quizzing realm, who will fight for the right to be called champion.

The SEQC Mastermind competition for 2009-10 enters its culminating phase, with the finals slated for February 28. The championship battle will be fought in the sublime setting of the Divli lawns at the International Centre Goa. The three finalists are Abhishek Jha, Amit Shet and Vidyadhar Gadgil.

Venerable Goan litterateur, musicologist and Mensa member Victor Rangel-Ribeiro will be present to give away the Mastermind trophies.

The opening attraction of the evening will be a Grand Slam quiz, conducted by Rajiv D'Silva, which is open to all. Planned with a special format that will be revealed on the day by Rajiv, this quiz should be an exciting precursor to the main event. The Grand Slam quiz will commence at 5pm, and should be over by 7pm. The Mastermind finals are slated to run from 7pm to 8pm.

This is going to be the big evening of this year's SEQC calendar. Mark it on yours now!

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