Friday, November 27, 2009

Register for Mega-Whats 2009 -- do it NOW!

Mega-Whats 2009, the National Open Quizzing Championships, is the next major event on our club calendar. This is going to be an event like the Mahaquizzer, except that this one is for teams of four. SEQC has already put Goa on the quizzing map of the country (if not the world; or why stop there, the universe?). This is our chance to burn a hole in that map, by having teams finish high up in the national rankings.

So get together with family, friends and, if necessary, foes, and put your best team forward. More details are in the MWhat-flier.PDF file, which you can download from the Files section of the SEQC mailgroup (click here to go to that Web page).

Also, please spread the good word -- mail the PDF or a link to this blog post to anyone who might care.

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