Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Through to the Mastermind semis

Another series of exciting quarterfinal group contests brought the opening stage of the SEQC Mastermind to a close on Sunday, October 25. Though none of the contests had the close finish of the first day, this set did bring another upset. Rajiv D'Silva's partner in quizzing, Harsh Bhatkuly lost out to Amit Shet, who blitzed his specialised subject round on 'Cricketing Career of Sachin Tendulkar'.

Perhaps there's a jinx on all those who have been involved in setting questions for this Mastermind series -- Annie wasn't participating anyway, and the other two (Rajiv and Harsh) have been eliminated. Doesn't bode well for Vidyadhar Gadgil, who made the mistake of setting a couple of specialised rounds for the second day. He may be through to the semis, but is he going to make the finals?

This time around, too, one of our young guns deserves a special mention. Jatan Rodrigues, our second youngest contestant, scored a remarkable 12 points in his specialised subject round on James Bond Films, and must have given the fancied Vivek Krishnan quite a scare for a while.

What a diverse, and sometimes esoteric, range of specialised subjects have been tackled in the opening rounds. 'Architectural Heritage of Goa', 'Violins and Violinists', 'Nobel Prizes in Physiology and Medicine', 'Advertising Agencies in India', 'Life and Times of Metallica' ... It goes to show what an eclectic group our club is, and yet there's so much harmony and camaraderie. Let's see what outre topics the semi-finals throw up.

The nine semi-finalists have been identified. They will now be divided -- by some arcane system to which only Annie is privy -- into three groups of three, and do battle some time in December for the three spots in the finals. There are plans to ramp up the hoopla surrounding SEQC Mastermind in the next stages. Keep your eyes peeled.

The results

Winner: Anjali Sen Gupta (specialised subject: Tintin Comics) -- 14 correct answers in the specialised subject (SS) round + 3 in the general knowledge (GK) round = 17 total
2nd: Nitash CG (Snooker) -- 11 (SS) + 2 (GK) = 13 total
3rd: Luis Dias (Violins and Violinists) -- 4 (SS) + 2 (GK) = 6 total

Winner: Abhishek Jha (Life and Times of Metallica) -- 10 (SS) + 7 (GK) = 17 total
2nd: Jayant Karn (Astronomy) -- 9 (SS) + 2 (GK) = 11 total*
3rd: Sunil Sardessai (Hindu Mythology) -- 7 (SS) + 4 (GK) = 11 total*
* Jayant and Sunil finished with the same number of correct answers and the same number of passes (7), but Jayant had fewer incorrect answers (8 to Sunil's 10)

Winner: Adish Talwadker (Nobel Prizes in Physiology and Medicine) -- 10 (SS) + 6 (GK) = 16 total
2nd: Mahesh Prabhu (India in Text Cricket since the 1990s) -- 5 (SS) + 1 (GK) = 6 total
3rd: Raunaq Rao (Movies of Ramgopal Verma) -- 4 (SS) + 0 (GK) = 4 total

Winner: Navin Pai (Google and its Products) -- 6 (SS) + 3 (GK) = 9 total
2nd: Gaurav Kenkre (Indian Film Music since the 1990s) -- 3 (SS) + 4 (GK) = 7 total
3rd: Viola Rodrigues (Booker Prize Winners 1988-2008) -- absent = 0 total

Winner: Amit Shet (Cricketing Career of Sachin Tendulkar) -- 13 (SS) + 7 (GK) = 20 total
2nd: Harshvardhan Bhatkuly (Advertising Agencies in India) -- 11 (SS) + 6 (GK) = 17 total
3rd: Ashray Adappa (Greek Mythology) -- 7 (SS) + 4 (GK) = 11 total

Winner: Vivek Krishnan (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Series Books) -- 12 (SS) + 11 (GK) = 23 total
2nd: Jatan Rodrigues (James Bond Films) -- 11 (SS) + 0 (GK) = 11 total
3rd: Ameya Mardolkar (Logos) -- 5 (SS) + 4 (GK) = 9 total

Through to the semis (the full list):
Abhishek Jha, Adish Talwadker, Amit Shet, Anjali Sen Gupta, Chirag Mutgi, Leroy Veloso, Navin Pai, Vidyadhar Gadgil, Vivek Krishnan

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