Wednesday, October 7, 2009

More participants for Mastermind

Three last-minute entrants and one omission rectified have brought the final participant count for the SEQC Mastermind competition to 28. The four additions to the list posted earlier are Sunil Sardessai (inadvertantly omitted earlier), Gaurav Kenkre, Raunaq Rao and Neville Monteiro.

The new count has entailed a change in the format. The new plan is for the participants to be divided into 9 groups of 3 each, with one group including an extra member. The 9 winners of the groups will be divided into 3 semis of 3 contestants each. The 3 semi-final winners will fight it out for the overall title of SEQC Mastermind.

We will hold four of the quarterfinals on the 18th of October, and five on the 25th. Make sure you're there on both days, with friends and family.

Those who missed the earlier announcement, scroll down for the older post.

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