Thursday, October 22, 2009

About the SEQC Mastermind logo

The SEQC Mastermind logo design is meant to reflect several key aspects of the contest. The main visual symbol used is that of a pyramid. A pyramid means several things that connect up with the idea behind our Mastermind. One, it is a shape which represents 'perfection', a quality our contestants should aspire to. Its structure mimics the structure of the competition itself, with the different stages eliminating the numbers of participants until only the one at the pinnacle is left. The letters of SEQC have been given a typography and form which can be seen to be giving the top of the pyramid a 'glow' -- the glow of achievement. In classical symbology, the pyramid with the eye, or rays of light, is a symbol of omniscience -- usually associated with a divine providence, but in our case taken to represent the all-knowing Mastermind. Finally, the pyramid has been done in black, which is a colour that absorbs all frequencies it receives, much like a master quizzer has to absorb all forms of knowledge to be the very best.

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